Bombardier Flagship Store in Nanjing, China by Ben Zhe Architecture

A bold renovation creating a wild while aristocratic space.

Project Specs


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At the very beginning of taking over this project entrustment, Ben Zhe Architecture have intended to make something different to convey the brand culture and product spirit of Bombardier. As a sub-brand of Bombardier, Can-Am is a leader of global deluxe inverted tricycle. Therefore, designers have racked their brains in the renovation of the building, so as to embody its aristocratic breath.

▼ 夜色中的建筑,building in the night

图2_Bombardier Flagship Store_ Ben Zhe Architecture


The original form of the flagship store is a three-tier old-fashioned building. In order to get rid of unnecessary elements, designers almost remove all original construction in renovation and only retain main load carrying structure.

▼ 改造前后对比,原建筑仅留下承重结构,before and after renovation, only load bearing structure was remained

图3_Bombardier Flagship Store_ Ben Zhe Architecture     图1_Bombardier Flagship Store_ Ben Zhe Architecture


After renovation, the overall height of the building is raised. The building is just like a standing box seen from distance, and the visual impact and fun are thus increased. Longitudinal strips of steel plate matches misty punching plate and solid cement board. It looks simple and explicit. Moreover, the original restrictions and fetters of the building are broken, and the special sense of reality of the space enhances the cubic effect of the building.

▼ 改造后建筑立面,external view of the building after renovation

图5_Bombardier Flagship Store_ Ben Zhe Architecture

图6_Bombardier Flagship Store_ Ben Zhe Architecture


The first floor and the second floor are the exhibition halls of Bombardier products. Considering the display products inside, designers choose to combine fair-faced concrete with rough timber in the use of building materials. This kind of coarse and chilly heavy industry style echoes the heavy breath of tricycle, like the wild flavor of tiger and leopard. Cooperation with the effect of the spotlight casted from the metal piping of the top, the texture of tricycle is embodied incisively and vividly.

▼ 一楼入口处的前台,front desk at the First Floor Entrance

图17_Bombardier Flagship Store_ Ben Zhe Architecture

▼ 重工业风的一楼展厅,First Floor Exhibition Hall in heavy industry style

图7_Bombardier Flagship Store_ Ben Zhe Architecture

图18_Bombardier Flagship Store_ Ben Zhe Architecture

图8_Bombardier Flagship Store_ Ben Zhe Architecture

▼ 一楼展示厅外部以及通往二层的楼梯,outside of the First Floor Exhibition Hall and the wooden stair to the second floor

图20     图21

▼ 二楼展厅,没有多余的家具,空间开阔,exhibition area in the second floor with minimal furniture, creating an open space

图19_Bombardier Flagship Store_ Ben Zhe Architecture

图9_Bombardier Flagship Store_ Ben Zhe Architecture


The third floor is office area, and the design attaches more importance to the flexibility, interaction and openness of the space. Dark wood partitions offices and makes office atmosphere more steady and professional. Bright French window not only increases the transparency and permeability of rooms but also closes the distance among offices.

▼ 办公空间,workplace

图11_Bombardier Flagship Store_ Ben Zhe Architecture

图12_Bombardier Flagship Store_ Ben Zhe Architecture

图14_Bombardier Flagship Store_ Ben Zhe Architecture     图13_Bombardier Flagship Store_ Ben Zhe Architecture


It is an outdoor platform leading to the top fourth floor from the third floor. Here we can enjoy the sight of green plants, overlook the layers of buildings and passing subways from time to time in the distance. It is really a good place to relax body and mind.

▼ 通向屋顶的平台,platform connected to the roof

图15_Bombardier Flagship Store_ Ben Zhe Architecture

▼ 屋顶花园,roof garden

图16_Bombardier Flagship Store_ Ben Zhe Architecture

▼ 一层平面图,first floor plan / 二层平面图,second floor plan

庞巴迪一层_Bombardier Flagship Store_ Ben Zhe Architecture      庞巴迪二层_Bombardier Flagship Store_ Ben Zhe Architecture

▼ 三层平面图,third floor plan / 四层平面图,fourth floor plan

庞巴迪三层_Bombardier Flagship Store_ Ben Zhe Architecture     庞巴迪顶层_Bombardier Flagship Store_ Ben Zhe Architecture

设计时间:2015年10月 — 2016年3月

Project Name: Bombardier Flagship Store
Project Address: Nanjing
Project Nature: Commerce + Display + Office
Architect: Janry Jiang
Building Area: 680㎡
Design Content: Architecture + Landscape
Design Time: October 2015 – March 2016
Completion Time: October 2016

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