Bolerama Coyoacan / Arroyo Solís Agraz

The façade design was conceived as a cover visually connecting the three volumes that make up the building, integrating them in just one.

Project Specs


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建筑师Arroyo Solís Agraz受邀重新为墨西哥南部的Bolerama Coyoacan商业建筑设计装修,该建筑其主要由三个部分组成:1、56道保龄球休闲娱乐空间;2、咖啡吧与管理中心还有卫生间;3、连接以上两部分的大堂。这栋建筑建于1977年,已多年未修整。新的设计方案需要吸引保龄球爱好者前往,还要增加美食娱乐广场。

Arroyo SolizAgraz was invited to perform the renovation of Bolerama Coyoacan, located in the Southern area of Mexico City. It is a complex made up by three buildings: the first one has a parking space; it had 56 bowling lanes, the second one accommodated the coffee bar, management offices and restrooms, and the third one served as a lobby connecting the other two buildings.

This building has been operating since 1977 focusing more on tournaments than on entertaining and it kept its facilities without many modifications over time, which made it necessary to intervene with different purposes. First, the thought of reshaping the building to cover new usage needs, renovating space and graphically perform an intervention to bring back life to it and attract leisure bowling fans, as well as complementing the entertainment experience in a new food court.



The façade design was conceived as a cover visually connecting the three volumes that make up the building, integrating them in just one. We started from the red color, respecting its own brand signature, bringing a graphic composition from different shades of red creating a mosaic that unfolds along the three buildings, highlighting and enhancing the building presence. Solid aluminum panels placed on a metal frame fixed to the concrete block façade formed the mosaic.






A lobby that allows it to work as a plaza to bring together different uses connects these buildings.

Ten bowling lanes were removed on the first floor, opening up space for two commercial venues in the southern façade, where the main concept was to keep it as an open floor plan for later adaptations from future tenants.

The groundfloor design was developed in order to change the atmosphere of the place and invite all kind of users to visit the property. Such change was possible due to the management and implementation of graphic design By the Firm LeoLab, color use and lighting design. Light boxes, changing colors were installed, as well as screens which contributed to the environment transformation through colors and music that change according to the time of day and the attendees, emphasizing at the same time, the brand positioning by constantly projecting BoleramaCoyoacángraphic image.

A mural and a hanging installation of pins and bowling balls were designed giving the place a strong and an aesthetic sense. The furniture was designed matching the façade line, based on modular and independent lounge chairs in different shades of red, giving flexibility to use the space and creating different mounting compositions.

The creation of furniture such as tables, the bar top and bowling alleys was performed using the material removedfrom the previous lanes, reusing and making the best out of the wood, avoiding waste, reducing production costs and contributing to environmental protection.



















Architecture by: Arroyo SolísAgraz
Corporate identity and graphic concept development: Leo Lab
Construction: GrupoFranser
Lighting: Luz en Arquitectura
Façade engineering: GrupoBásica
Structural Engineering: Ing. Ernesto Lozano
Facilities: Ing. Rosendo Campos
Woodworking: Carlos Hinojosa
Photography: Diana Arnau


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