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Appreciations towards the design labo (Satoshi Itasaka)  for providing the following description:


People seek for protection screen for COVID-19 with sophisticated design properties. Degree of such demand is extremely high in events of cerebration especially at wedding ceremony venues. We were asked to design a protection screen for blocking droplet from a wedding party center in Tokyo. At the time, the client demanded us a design with elegance while eliminating its sense of presence. Therefore, we have proposed a partition of a simple and organic shape like a flower in a field. By preparing three sizes of the partitions and arranging randomly on a table, it is possible to block droplets elegantly as if they are flowers decorated on the table.

▼ 如同装饰在桌上的花朵,as flowers decorated on the table

▼三种尺寸的保护屏,three sizes of the partitions

▼设计材料,亚克力板和黄铜,material, Acrylic plate and Brass


In order for facial expression not to be covered up, portable type screen was also prepared for covering the mouth in exchange for a mask. We intend to cope with the COVID-19 with these protection screen positively, if only a little, while praying tranquil days like before to come back as soon as possible.

▼ 便携式保护屏,portable type screen

Photo by the design labo
Photo by kuppography
Design by Satoshi Itasaka / the design labo inc.
Material and Size
Acrylic plate, Brass
S W168×H288
M W279×H277
L W426×H461
Portable W132×H220

More: the design labo (Satoshi Itasaka) ,更多请至:the design labo (Satoshi Itasaka)  on gooood

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