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A Culinary Academy equipped with full set of multimedia facilities.

Project Specs


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在波兰的中心位置,出现了一个新的烹饪场景。mode:lina事务所的建筑师被委托为Bidfood Farutex烹饪学院设计一个新的室内空间。新的设计使得这个空间可以被用于演讲,烹饪或侍酒师研讨会等目的,同时还为举办多人会议和培训课程提供空间——这里的礼堂可容纳多达40人。

In the heart of Poland a new culinary scene has arisen. Architects from mode:linaTM studio were commissioned to design an interior arrangement of Bidfood Farutex Culinary Academy. The academy was specially designed not only for presentations, culinary or sommelier workshops purposes but also for meetings and training courses among bigger number of people – the auditorium can hold over 40 persons!

▼可容纳40人的烹饪展示空间,the new auditorium of the Culinary Academy can hold over 40 persons

002-Bidfood Farutex Culinary Academy


Since a chef rules the roost during shows, the architects have proposed an exposed kitchen, which is like a scene topped with black latticework and complete multimedia equipment. Due to hung televisions and retractable screen, guests are able to accurately observe the preparation of their meals.

▼客人可以通过屏幕观察到完整的备菜过程,customers can observe the complete preparation process through screens

001-Bidfood Farutex Culinary Academy

▼开放式的厨房,配备了齐全的多媒体设备,the exposed kitchen with complete multimedia equipment

003-Bidfood Farutex Culinary Academy

004-Bidfood Farutex Culinary Academy


The black, steel construction has served to create a shelving with wooden cubes, perfectly fit for keeping wines from all over the world. Neon signs above the shelvings make it easier to find a bottle from one’s own favorite in the world. The interior of the academy is kept in a style of elegant and industrial vibe. The kitchen itself is exposed on an island made from stylised black-and-white tiles.

▼保存红酒的展示架,wines are kept in black steel shelving with wooden cubes

005-Bidfood Farutex Culinary Academy

006-Bidfood Farutex Culinary Academy     009-Bidfood Farutex Culinary Academy

▼墙上的霓虹灯指示牌可以帮助顾客定为红酒的原产地,neon signs on the wall help customers locate the origins of wine

007-Bidfood Farutex Culinary Academy

▼设计草图,sketch of the interior design

010-Bidfood Farutex Culinary Academy

Project: Bidfood Farutex Culinary Academy
Design: mode:lina
Project team: Paweł Garus, Jerzy Woźniak, Kinga Kin
Completion: January 2017
Location: Łódź, Poland
Area: 100 sqm
Photos: Marcin Ratajczak

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