UAP honoured to contribute to Lawrence Argent’s legacy: Beyond Reflection

The fluidity of form emerges into something recognisable

Project Specs


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UAP有幸在传奇艺术家Lawrence Argent于十月份去世之前与他进行合作。

UAP had the honour of working with legendary artist Lawrence Argent, collaborating with him on two projects shortly before his death in October.


Known for his whimsical sculptures which feature monumental-sized animals, Argent’s final projects continue his artistic vision, successfully transforming the spaces they are in. Beyond Reflection uses a dragon to reflect the culture of its Chinese setting and the mythological creature’s characteristics of power and happiness. Through the use of a sunken plaza, the 16 metre stainless steel structure cleverly spans two levels, with the body and legs of the dragon below ground, and the head, back and tail above. This unique approach, along with the use of mist and lighting, makes it appear the dragon is floating.

▼作品‘超然’使用了龙的形象来反映中国文化,Beyond Reflection uses a dragon to reflect the culture of its Chinese setting

▼雕塑利用了下沉式广场,跨越两层楼的高度,the structure cleverly spans two levels through the use of a sunken plaza

▼“龙头”伸出地面,如同在空中漂浮,the dragon’s head juts from the ground,which seems like being floating


“The dragon emerges formless, much like an apparition,” Argent said of the artwork. “Then, just as this moment in time, the fluidity of form emerges into something recognisable.”


▼制作过程,production process

Loation: Uni Walk, Shenzhen, China

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