Beijing Drum Tower Time Museum by BIDG

Traditional courtyard house museum on the edge of the bell and drum tower

Project Specs

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The time museum situated at the southeastern corner of the bell & drum tower, which located in the center of Beijing city, on the central axis, to the north of the forbidden city . Besides the tower, the whole neighborhood blocks are consisted of 1~2 floors traditional courtyards, which is an important Beijing historical reservation zone.

▼鸟瞰 Bird View

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钟鼓楼历程 The history of the Bell Tower & Drum Tower.

Bell Tower & Drum Tower represent the wisdom and power of ancient Chinese people through the Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. The two towers served as the time calculator for the Beijing citizens.

▼ 从时间博物馆的庭院看钟鼓楼 Drum Tower

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钟鼓楼区位 The location of the Bell Tower & Drum Tower.

As an important national historical reservation unit, the Bell Tower & Drum Tower locate at the north end of the street Di’anmen wai, right on the Beijing central axis.

设计理念 Design Philosophy

For this glorious city with such long long history, Tian’anmen is abosolutely her honored face , while the bell & drum tower is her humble heart. The beating of the tower, strikes the collective memory of the all the noble and the grass-roots across the Dynasty Yuan, Ming, Qing.

▼ 钟鼓楼区位分析 Drum Tower Site Diagram

023 analysis 01.区位分析


规划篇 Planning

1、形成绿地与鼓楼基地相呼应 | to restore the green space to match historical site
2、呼应了鼓楼东南角肌理的三条轴线和合院 | to restore the courtyard layout with 3 paralleled axis.





the time museum situated at the southeastern corner of the bell & drum tower, which located in the center of Beijing city, on the central axis, to the north of the forbidden city . Besides the tower, the whole neighborhood blocks are consisted of 1~2 floors traditional courtyards, which is an important Beijing historical reservation zone.

the site area is 5847 sqm, with total building area of 14,720 sqm, of which, 2674 sqm above ground and 12046 sqm below ground. the site boundary is defined by 3 streets, which are the street Gulou East, the street Di’an’men Nei, the street Xi’anli.

the site was a typical urban village, demolished by 2008, serves as a temporary parking lot. As the time goes by and the population increased, the image of the bell & drum tower becomes vague and blurred into the surrounding neighborhood.

To restore the original city context, based on a map of Qing Dynasty, we revitalize 3 courtyards with 3 axis and restore a rectangular green space to match the historical context.

023 analysis 03.a呼应鼓楼东南角轴线   023 analysis 03.b采用传统的北京四合院布局形式


建筑篇 Architecture

1、风貌保护 Historical Reservation
2、外饰风格(宋明时代装饰)Exterior Facade Style
3、屋顶自然采光 Rood Skylight
4、地下空间开发 Basement Development
5、精工细作 Craftmanship

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To minimize the impact to the surrounding, the above gound development is strictly limited to single floor building. The volume and the layout is to match the traditional Beijing courtyard house.

The basic idea of the exterior facade style is to create a subtle, simple and elegant atmosphere. The decoration detail is inherited from traditional Chinese building, especially from the Dynasty Song and Ming. The essence of the traditional style is selected and concentrated to be applied in the museum.

the premium modern technology is combined with the traditional aesthetic, to deliver a durable and sustainable building.

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风貌保护 Historical Reservation


the volume and the context is carefully designed to match the historical zone; the southeastern corner is reserved as green space to make the Bell Tower & Drum Tower more spectacular. the main color of the time museum facade is natural wood, distinguished from the red of the bell & drum tower.

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外饰风格(宋明时代装饰)Exterior Facade Style

bell & drum tower is located at the north end of the forbidden city , the architecture is typical Qing Dynasty imperial style.
the style could be analysized as below:
1、具备规制的屋顶, roof based on the architecture hirarchy
2、高耸的基座 high base
3、象征皇家的红、金搭配色系 red and gold color
4、屋顶檐下的斗拱与彩画 Dougong and painting
5、红色的城墙 red wall

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屋顶自然采光 Rood Skylight

To improve the ventilation by optimizing the roof and the wall system.

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地下空间开发 Basement Development



To realise a fully-functioned museum with strict limit of historical reservation, the basement development is the only choice. A large basement is hidden below the courtyard, housing the auction room, exhibition hall and BOH, etc.

The circulation is designed to ensure people could access each function space efficiently. The real challenge is the cargo circulation, due to the narrow space, the common service ramp is too long to fit in the site.

023 analysis 05.b流线分析图

023 analysis 06.c剖透视3-3

023 analysis 06.b剖透视2-2


景观篇 Landscape

1、静、厅、园、影 Slience Hall Garden Shadow
静: 山光悦鸟性,潭影空人心。万籁此俱寂,惟有钟磬声。建筑围合和景观的塑造,打造了一个安静雅致的环境。
厅: 雕宫静龙漏,绮阁宴公侯。珠帘烛焰动,绣柱水光浮。将室内功能延伸至室外,与园景融为一体,形成室外客厅。
the landscape enhance the courtyard space, to deliver a quiet and elegant experience.

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To extend the interior function to outdoor space, to provide the outdoor tea house and leisure platform, etc.

园: 原来姹紫嫣红开遍,以这般都付与断井颓垣。良辰美景奈何天,赏心乐事谁家院?朝飞暮卷,云霞翠轩
影: 竹影风声,树影婆娑,湖光塔影,烛影摇红。半亩方塘一鉴开,天光云影共徘徊。

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室内篇 Interior

1、室内装饰采用明式现代风格 | the interior decoration is based on Ming Dynasty style
2、布局形式自由、灵活 | the flexible interior layout
The simplified Ming style is applied as the fundamental aesthetic tone. The stone is partially integrated to create a cultural atmosphere.
The interior space is fexible to be united as a whole single hall, meanwhile could be divided into several
independent small spaces.

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室内装饰采用明式现代风格 | the interior decoration is based on Ming Dynasty style
明式现代装饰风格 | simplified Ming style
特征体现为 | features:
Balance of the variety of the decoration style and materials and the minimalism aesthetics of Chinese
Wood as the main decoration material, with painting, mosaic, and metal pieces.

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▼ 花园 Garden

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▼夜景 Night View

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▼ 夜景 Night View

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▼ 总平面 Site Plan

024 drawings 总平面图

▼ 图纸 点击可看大图 drawings

023 analysis 05.a功能分析图

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Design Firm: BIDG
Design Content: Planning、Architecture、Interior、Landscape
项目地点: 北京
Location: Beijing
设计团队: 朱儁夫、陈丹、唐栩、王健、丁红梅
Architecture Team: Junfu Zhu、Dani Chen、Tangxu、Wangjian、Hongmei Ding
建筑面积: 14,720 sqm
Gross Floor Area: 14,720 sqm
占地面积: 5,983 sqm
Site Area:5,983 sqm
竣工年份: 2015
Completion Year: 2015

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