Bay House in Attica by Room Service(Katerina Veremi Xynogala)

New dynamic spaces in the original house structure

Project Specs


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这栋建造于1960年代的住宅由著名建筑师Aris Konstantinidis设计,坐落于Attica一个面积为5英亩的半岛上,设计师Katerina Veremi Xynogala负责住宅的室内设计,范围不仅包括家具和装饰,还包括电力系统、地面材料和色调等等。建筑师决定保留住宅原有结构不变,窗框在维持原有尺寸和颜色的条件下,更换为现代隔热材料。

“The house was built in the 1960s from a well-known architect Aris Konstantinidis, located in Attica in a peninsula of 5 acres and I took it over as an interior designer all the study for the interior not only furnishing and accessorizing, as also electricity study, materials floors, colours etc. I decided to keep the architectural construction without any change from the building, I replaced the window frames with contemporary materials for insulation, keeping the original sizes and colours.

▼项目外观及入口庭院,project exterior and entrance courtyard

▼入口庭院户外休闲区,leisure area in the courtyard

▼休息区景观,view at the leisure area

▼户外泳池,outdoor swimming pool


As the house by his age was with small separate rooms we demolished them in order to create bigger space and avoid have small rooms with a lot of doors to win space.I remove the old marble tiles from the floor and place them again following as much as possible the aesthetic of the house. In the living area we kept the wall with the stones on the fireplace creating shelves from stone to demonstrate a collection of decorative items working on green colours.

▼起居室内石墙与壁炉相结合,in the living area designers kept the wall with the stones on the fireplace

▼连接厨房餐厅的走廊区域,walkway to the kitchen and dinning area

设计师设计的主厨房和餐桌使用拼花木质元素(西班牙Mh parquets公司),希腊大理石用于制作厨房中岛。

The main kitchen was also my design using parquet tiles (Mh parquets Spanish company) for the wooden elements as also I created a kitchen island from Greek marble, as well as the dining table.

▼拼花木质元素的厨房及用餐区,main kitchen and dinning table in parquet wooden elements

▼希腊大理石用于制作厨房中岛,a kitchen island in Greek marble


The basement which was a warehouse, turned it to a relaxing place with a wine cellar, an auxiliary Kitchen of wooden tiles same as the floor and a TV area with screen immersed in the library. It is a livable place like the main floor displaying / showing the stone wall .


▼地下室休闲区域,relaxing area in the basement

▼休闲区与辅助厨房,relaxing area and an auxiliary kitchen

▼辅助厨房使用和地面相同的木质材料,an auxiliary kitchen of wooden tiles same as the floor

▼酒窖空间, a wine cellar

在主厨房和主卧室外的小天井中,设计师打造了一个休息区,使用Doshi Levien生产的Kettal Cala扶手椅,Patricia Urquiola的Kettal Mesh餐桌,另一个天井中有两张Patricia Urquiola的Kettal Vieques餐桌,搭配Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec的Kettal Stampa扶手椅和Rodolfo Dordoni的Kettal Bitta的休闲用餐扶手椅。

Outside of the kitchen and the main bedroom on the patio we have created a lounge with Kettal Cala by Doshi Levien, Kettal Mesh by Patricia Urquiola models and to the other patio two Kettal Vieques dining tables by Patricia Urquiola with Kettal Stampa armchairs by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, and Kettal Bitta lounge dining armchair by Rodolfo Dordoni.”

▼主卧室,main bedroom

▼主厨房与主卧室外的小天井用作休息区,outside of the kitchen and the main bedroom on the patio designers have created a lounge


In the property there is a separate building as per the photo’s with two guests room with their own bathroom, small kitchen all with sliding doors as the space is small in order to win space and offer a pleasant hospitality.

▼独栋建筑内起居用餐空间,living and dinning area in the separate building



HOUSE’S NAME: Bay House in Attica
ARCHITECT: Aris Konstantinidis
DESIGNER: Katerina Veremi Xynogala
PHOTOGRAPHER: Ioanna Roufopoulou

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