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The beauty of coexistence is about life and also death; it is about eternity and also instant; it is about scenery and also us in the scenery.

The Eight Bamboo Villas in Nankun Mountain are half hidden in green mountain by a stream, they are just like the eight sages in the bamboo forest accompanies by faint flowery fragrance and birds’ tweet. In here bathing in hot spring and watching the changing world, it enables people to feel the low-profile leisure and the beauty of simplicity “from the nature and returning to the nature”.

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竹别墅建筑最初由哥伦比亚建筑师西蒙(Simon Velez)设计,这位毕生都在探索生态建筑的建筑大师为十字水带来了堪称经典的竹结构建筑群,共生形态承接室内设计工作后,在解读大师建筑设计的基础上对原方案进行了地方性的改造,融入了当地的建筑文化与元素,并增加了客家民居式的后院 .


Aesthetics, is not merely visual, but more of care, which includes not only respect to human beings, but also veneration to the Nature.

Bamboo villa architectural was initially designed by Simon Velez, a Columbian architect who has explored ecological architecture all his life and brought classical bamboo structure to building complex for Crosswaters. After C&C undertook interior design, we has localized the initial plan, blended local architectural culture and elements into it and added the backyard in the style of Hakka house based on understanding on the master’s architectural design.

The interior and exterior design of bamboo villa is inspired by Hakka house. The space layout contains stilted structure in the front with open courtyard in the back and dry and wet areas. The front part is stilted building supported by 32 wooden stakes, including guest room and viewing balcony; the back part is the hot spring area in the style of open courtyard, including wet area, hot spring pool and outdoor terrace. Thanks to reconstruction of the hot spring area, the function and artistic beauty of the architecture have been improved.

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The bamboo resource in Nankun Mountain has provided abundant construction material for us. From construction to decoration, bamboo is not only an architectural element, but also an interior decoration element. We try to avoid using concrete as far as possible, for example we have absorbed inspiration from local houses and invited local craftsmen who can construct puddle wall to build puddle wall for our backyard. This is a type of construction for folk architecture which is almost lost in history. Bamboo, puddle wall, roofing tile, river stone and bamboo forest form a low-key but unique architectural landscape with local characters.

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十字水生态度假村是美国国家地理杂志推介的全球五十大生态度假村之一,也是国内生态旅游发展的模范,最大限度地做到生态环保,同时也是高品位的度假胜地。在全球化的今天,我们已经被“现代主义”所包围,西方的建筑和价值观充斥着我们的视野,娱乐着我们的感官,慰藉着我们的心灵,我们已经淡忘了建筑作为一种地方性生活方式的存在,也忘记了千百年来祖先曾遵行的“人作为自然的一部分并依存于自然”的生活美学 。与此同时,各种豪华酒店度假村的建造,为了舒适、方便而过量浪费能源、制造大量废物、破坏环境,造成无法挽救的损失。面对这一切,我们以一个设计师的热忱、努力和责任心脚踏实地的实践了一个高端生态度假村的案例,历时四年,待到山野葱翠时,竹别墅,终于绽放。

Crosswaters Ecolodge & Spa is one of the world’s top 50 ecolodges recommended by National Geographic Magazine, USA. It is also an example for development of domestic ecotourism, which has realized ecological and environmental protection to the largest extent and also is a high-grade resort. In an era of globalization, we have been surrounded by “modernism” and our horizon have been inundated with western architecture and values, which have entertained our senses and comforted our hearts and souls. We have forgotten that architecture exists as a kind of local lifestyle and life aesthetics of “human being as a part of the Nature depends on the Nature” followed by the ancestors for thousands of years. Meanwhile, various luxury hotels and resorts have been constructed for comfort and convenience, wasting too much energy, producing tons of wastes, ruining the environment and causing irretrievable loss. Faced with all these, we have built a high-end ecolodge with a designer’s enthusiasm, effort and responsibility. After four years, bamboo villa will burst into bloom when the mountain is fresh green.

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项目地点:广东 龙门 南昆山
本案获奖:美国Best of The Year Awards2014年度最佳大奖、金堂奖 2014中国室内设计年度十佳酒店空间、第十二届(2014)现代装饰国际传媒奖年度酒店空间大奖

Project Name: The Crosswaters Ecolodge & Spa•Bamboo Villa Interior Design
Design Company: C&C Design Co., Ltd.
Company Website: WWW.COCOPRO.CN
Design Director: Peng Zheng
Project Location: Nankun Mountain, Longmen, Guangdong
Design Time: Dec. 2009
Completion Time: Oct. 2013
Design Area: 1248 m2
Materials: bamboo, wood, marble, composite bamboo, emulsion paint and puddle wall
Awards:Interior Design Best of the year awards (USA)、JINTANGJIANG 2014 TOP 10DESIGN OF THE YEAR HOTEL/The 12(2014)Modern Decoration International Media Award

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