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Overlap and Symbiosis of Past and Present

Project Specs


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The buildings along the river where the B4 hall locates have suffered from the glorious period of sugarhouse and sugar paper factory since the beginning of China’s industrial age in 20th Century. In 2001, the sugar paper factory stopped production, all workers left and only some old buildings are left.

▼建筑外观,exterior view


From the historical point of view of the city, the past industrial prosperity is still a collective memory of the local people, so the common goal of our transformation is to keep this warm– change the space carefully and keep the features of old buildings. Meanwhile, modern design language are used to activate the space, rejuvenate the old factory building.

▼立面细部,facade details




Present B4 hall has been a Multi-function Museum for holding public entertainment, press releases and activity exchange after the modification of LAD DESIGN GROUP, as well as an opening public cultural place in the city. New elements and historical elements are expressed separately: a part is used to “extend” through integration , another part is used to “activate” through comparison.

▼入口细部,红砖肌理的历史质感与金属材料的现代感产生着戏剧性的对比,entrance,The historical texture of red brick has a dramatic contrast with the modern sense of metallic materials


Indoor height and length are fully utilized to meet different needs, and a multi-function space at a height of 16.7m is produced, which maximizes the flexibility of space. Design of interlayer above the wide first-floor space enables it to meet the needs of film watching.Viewing space is created by adding porous iron plate in the plant’s original structure. Porous iron plate, which presents years, keeps the industrial feeling while symbolizing the new beginnings of life:It will slowly grow natural texture over time and keep traces of the users.

▼室内概览,宽敞的首层空间,interior view,the wide first-floor space


Moreover, application of porous iron plates ensure that the sight will not be affected; on the other hand, the permeability will not be affected by its limitation to space. Porous sound absorbing materials on the top and sides will effectively prevent acoustic reflection, its material shape also echos with the porous iron plates.

▼多孔铁板围合的楼梯,A staircase enclosed by porous iron plates

▼楼梯细部,staircase details


▼多孔铁板细部,porous iron plates details



The texture produced by the external red bricks echos with the design elements of 1978 CULTURAL CREATIVE TOWN which makes the B4 hall integrate and maintain an independent personality in the town. Compared with original story-grain exterior wall, such treatment further enhances the industrial atmosphere.

▼从楼梯看一层空间,looking from the staircase to ground floor

▼夹层观影空间,Viewing space on interlayer


Historical texture of red bricks is parallel to the modern sense of the entrance, which a creates a dramatic contrast. It shows the vitality of a building after its rebirth through vivid color contrast and powerful form. Since the completion of modification, many activities are held here, such as Chinese music media event, lm Night. Rebirth of architecture seems to be intertwined with the flourishing industrial age in space narrative, the past things have finally been linked to the future again.

▼改造前厂房状况,factory before reconstruction



Project name: B4 Hall
项目位置: 广东,广州
Location: Guangzhou,Guangdong
Covered area: 2071 square meters
Completion Time: 2016

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