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The C building was designed for the current elementary school and in the future will be utilized for Ayb Middle School. The building is situated in front of the A and B buildings with a total area of 4200 sq.m. and a capacity to accommodate 240 students. Just as in the first two buildings, the C building’s architectural philosophy lies in creating an open and collaborative educational environment that is multifunctional and allows for learning to take place in multiple ways.

▼教学楼外观,exterior view


The building’s first floor integrates a completely open flow with an amphitheatre that also facilitates entry to the workshops in the basement. With the use of hidden openings and walkways the interior of the first floor is connected to the landscape surrounding the exterior of the building. This allows easy access to the outside and gives students the opportunity to leave the building and commune with nature. The building’s shell visually supports a large, white block form that houses the second and third floors.

▼教学楼外观,混凝土外墙搭配大面积的玻璃窗和黄色圆柱体,exterior view, the concrete exterior wall complements large windows and the yellow cylinder

▼教学楼外观,外观的视觉效果上,一个巨大的白色方盒子体量落在一层空间之上,exterior view, the building’s shell visually supports a large, white block form

▼教学楼外观局部,黄色圆柱体量与建筑主体相连,partial exterior view, the yellow cylinder connects with the main volume

▼外观局部,绿色种植屋面使得室内外空间联系紧密,partial exterior view, the interior space has a close connection with the exterior surroundings through the green roof


▼位于一层的自助餐厅,the cafeteria on the first floor

▼自助餐厅局部,走廊使用黄色饰面,呼应外观造型的黄色圆柱体,partial view of the cafeteria, the corridor with the yellow finishes responses to the exterior cylinder

Ayb C is very much in harmony with the other two school buildings on campus. Everything relating to the educational process, such as classrooms, is situated on the upper floors and social areas like the hall and cafeteria are positioned on the lower floor, just as in the other two buildings. This creates a perception that the buildings have the same organizational structure despite externally having substantial differences.

▼透过玻璃看一层的阶梯式教室,the view of the amphitheatre through the glass

▼位于一层的阶梯教室,the amphitheatre on the first floor

▼室内休息空间,interior lounge spaces


Ayb C is equipped with modern educational technologies, various laboratories, art & crafts studios, a sports hall, an amphitheater, game and recreation zones and a library. The decoration of the premises does not incorporate plaster, and paint is kept to a minimum. The walls are largely untouched exposing the concrete and have been treated with a water repellent coating. All wiring and communication engineering is exposed and a low-key color scheme is used throughout the building.

▼图书室,采用裸露的清水混凝土墙面,the library with the exposed concrete wall

▼体育馆,the sports center

▼二楼休息区,采用低调的配色,所有管线均暴露在外,the lounge area on the second floor with a low-key color scheme and exposed wiring and communication engineering


Despite the basement being submerged 4 meters below the surface of the ground, the rooms have access to natural light. The boundaries of the excavation go far beyond the contours of the building, forming a free perimeter for walking and going out into the yard. This creates a green roof on a portion of the building.

▼室内通高空间,保证了自然采光,the double-height space that guarantees the natural light

▼室内走廊空间,采用明亮的颜色,the interior corridor with bright colors

▼室内楼梯,the interior stairs


The Ayb C building is filled with technological solutions to make the learning process as easy and seamless as possible. The structure was developed with the objective of energy efficiency and includes an energy-efficient air conditioning system. On the southern facade, solar panels are mounted on the external wall. A proprietary technology developed by our team uses sensors to automatically position the solar panels where the sun’s rays are most abundant. A system for automatically dimming windows, in the event of excess light, has been developed and implemented.

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