ARV OFFICES By Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

The office transforms into a surprise full of anamorphosis and optical illusions.

Project Specs


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Fran Silvestre Arquitectos与我们分享了超凡的办公室设计,以一种全新的视觉方式带我们感受不一样的办公体验。

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos shared their new office design project for us which take us for a unique visual trip in such a new working space.


入口 Entrance


The project consists in the implementation of customer service offices. They are located in a commercial premise in the centre of the city with a complex geometry, full of turns and structural elements that interfere in the understanding of the space.In the access sequence, the furniture incorporates the technology and informs the people waiting. This furniture hides in its interior the structure of the existing building. The main staircase connects the customer service area with the offices in the upper floor. The unified design of the facade, with horizontal aluminum elements, allowes the ventilation of the building installations and makes the space comfortable.

▼办公室入口,the entrance

▼入口为客户提供等待空间,the entrance furniture informs the people waiting



办公区 Working Space


In order to organize the interior space and make its functioning effective, the turns are regularised by linked orthogonal geometries. Every one of the regular spaces are assigned to a different part of the programme. Each regular room is defined and distinguished from the contiguous rooms by the use of different tonalities, which go from white to different shades of gray. The ceilings are thus turned into a sort of signage that defines the various uses. The indirect lighting placed in the ceiling reinforces this idea and allowes the use of light fixtures whose length provides service to every workspace. The activity is concentrated in the first two meters of height. The office is organized and disorganized with the daily work, while the ceiling remains always ordered.In this way, the office transforms into a surprise full of anamorphosis and optical illusions that help us understand the functioning of the building.

▼办公空间的自由组合,the office is organized and disorganized with the daily work


▼天花板色调定义不同空间,spaces are distinguished by the use of different tonalities


▼天花板照明在空间中延续,the indirect lighting placed in the ceiling continues in the space





▼二层办公空间,office upstairs

▼隐藏在结构中的存储空间,storage spaces

▼一层平面图,the ground floor plan

▼二层平面图,the first floor plan

PROJECT TEAM:Fran Silvestre | Principal in Charge, Fran Ayala | Principal in Charge, Vicente Picó | Principal in Charge, Maria Masià | Collaborating Architect, Estefanía Soriano | Collaborating Architect, Pablo Camarasa | Collaborating Architect, Sandra Insa | Collaborating Architect, Santiago Dueña | Collaborating Architect, David Sastre | Collaborating Architect, Ricardo Candela | Collaborating Architect, Sevak Asatrián | Collaborating Architect, Álvaro Olivares | Collaborating Architect, Esther Sanchís | Collaborating Architect, Eduardo Sancho | Collaborating Architect, Rubén March | Collaborating Architect, José Manuel Arnao | Collaborating Architect, Gemma Aparici | Collaborating Architect, Giuseppe Felici | Collaborating Architect
PROJECT MANAGMENT:Carlos García, Ángel Fito
PHOTOGRAPHY: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos
BUILT AREA: 625.86 m2
Interior Furniture: Tables | Dynamobel, Chairs | Dynamobel, Screen panels | Dynamobel
Climate control: Air conditioning
Electrical fitting: Mechanisms serie 990 | Jung
Lighting: Fluorescent linear luminaire and LED | Castan
Paving: Macael marble, Ceramic (Saloni), PVC flooring (Tarkett)
Surfaces: Plasterboard panels, Grey ceramic (Saloni)
Ceiling: Smooth plasterboard panels
Paint: Matt plastic paint
Interior: Internal and cupboard doors | White lacquered MDF RAL (Papema)
Carp. Exterior: Access door (Manusa), Windows. Serie Soleal (Technal)
Glazing: Double-glazed tempered glass (Manusa)
Locksmithing: Laminated tempered glass
Sanitaryware: Toilet | Serie City (Sanindusa), Sanitary Fittings | (Geberit)

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