Arlington Public Schools Headquarters by Studio Twenty Seven Architecture

Different colors defining spaces with different functions

Project Specs


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阿灵顿公立学校利用440万平方英尺(约 408773平方米)的建筑面积,为2.5万名学生提供了35个独立场所。学校的行政部分分布在该地区的三个独立建筑中,为了提高办公效率,当地政府希望将所有员工迁移到更加集中的地点。由于预算有限,当地政府还希望项目采用价格低廉的材料和饰面。

Arlington Public Schools serves over twenty-five thousand students in thirty-five separate facilities with a total gross area of approximately four million, four hundred thousand square feet. Administrative functions for the school system were located in three separate buildings spread throughout the County. To improve operational efficiency, the County wanted to relocate all staff to a single, more centralized location. The construction budget was limited and the County wanted to project an appearance of fiscal prudence in the use of materials and finishes.

▼项目概览,overview © Hoachlander Davis Photography


▼分析图,diagram © Studio Twenty Seven Architecture

In response, this design provided an open plan design using colors and clear sight lines to articulate the location of each individual department. The work involved meeting with, and securing approval from, all nine department heads and senior staff in each of the County’s departments. The work included the creation of a new School Board meeting room, with associated audio visual and broadcasting functions. A new convenience stair between floors was added.

▼位于大厅中央的楼梯 © Hoachlander Davis Photography
staircase located in the center of the lobby

▼从二层平台回看大厅 © Hoachlander Davis Photography
view back to the lobby from the platform

▼通高空间,height space © Hoachlander Davis Photography


Building Core: enclosed spaces are massed at the building core, painted a dark gray to orient visitors and staff as they navigate the large floor plate.

▼行政服务大厅,administrative service hall © Hoachlander Davis Photography

▼接待处,reception © Hoachlander Davis Photography

▼开放的咖啡厅,open cafe © Hoachlander Davis Photography


Open workspace: the majority of staff are located in open workspaces with access to daylight. Informal meeting areas are scattered throughout to provide quick access for collaboration.

▼享有日光的开放办公空间© Hoachlander Davis Photography
open workspaces with access to daylight

▼日常的会议地点分散布置© Hoachlander Davis Photography
informal meeting areas are scattered throughout

▼家具可以灵活使用© Hoachlander Davis Photography
the furniture can be used flexibly


Office Pod: offices hover at the edge of the open workspaces to maximize borrowed light to all spaces. Painted a bright color and applied wayfinding, the pods act as navigation devices.

▼办公间,office pods © Hoachlander Davis Photography

▼明亮的颜色和导向标识 © Hoachlander Davis Photography
bright color and wayfinding


Access to views: views to the exterior are preserved from the main corridors of the building and the elevator lobby.

▼走廊尽头通向外部景观© Hoachlander Davis Photography
the end of the corridor leads to the external landscape


Communal meeting spaces: APS hosts continuous training and large meeting events, each floor has a bar of large meeting rooms accessed directly from the elevator lobby that can be combined into one extra large meeting space.

▼大型会议空间,large meeting room © Hoachlander Davis Photography


Communal pantry: Each floor has one communal pantry to encourage communication between the different departments . Located at the prince location for each floor, the pantry provides for various seating configurations and are used to host office celebrations.

▼共享厨房,communal pantry © Hoachlander Davis Photography

▼一层平面图,plan 1F © Studio Twenty Seven Architecture

▼一层平面图,plan 2F © Studio Twenty Seven Architecture

▼一层平面图,plan 3F © Studio Twenty Seven Architecture

▼一层平面图,plan 4F © Studio Twenty Seven Architecture

Project Name: Arlington Public Schools Headquarters
Date: 2017-2018
Area: 80,000 ft² / 7,432 m²
Designers Name: Studio Twenty Seven Architecture
Contractors Name: Whiting Turner
Photographers: Hoachlander Davis Photography
Civil Engineers: christopher consultants
Structural Engineer: Ehlert Bryan
MEP Engineer: Interface Engineers

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更多关于他们:Studio Twenty Seven Architecture on gooood

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