Architect Residence, Shanghai by HCCH Studio

Break the limitation of the column

Project Specs


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The architect residence is located in a high-rise building in downtown Shanghai. The building features brutal structural elements and unified windows.The scheme tries to challenge the fixed understanding of column in interior design, where structure often be taken as redundancy. Through the play of two columns, the inherit spatial quality of the building is revealed, and then deliberately blurred. The column becomes an indispensable but inconspicuous part of the space.

▼空间概览,overview © 朱清言


The naked column in the middle of living room provides a panorama viewpoint looking at the space. The mirror blurs the edge of the column.  The contrast of ceiling, between high and low, white and concrete, leads the circulation into private area.The fixed furniture made of birch, stainless steel and raw aluminum, become an overlay of various textures and reflections.

▼起居室全景视角,panorama view of the living area © 朱清言

▼立柱限定出空间,the column defines the space © 朱清言

▼镜面不锈钢,模糊了柱体过大的尺寸,the mirror blurs the edge of the column © 朱清言

▼水泥与白墙拼接,white and concrete wall © 朱清言

▼餐厅,dining room © 朱清言

▼厨房,kitchen © 朱清言

▼不同材料形成不同纹理和反射度的层叠,different materials become an overlay of various textures and reflections © 朱清言

▼从厨房看向通往房间的走廊,view of the corridor towards rooms from the kitchen © 朱清言


The column between two bedrooms is merged into a series of interlacing door openings, connecting corridor and rooms. The act of walking in-between the room is walking through the depth of the column. 

▼主卧与次卧之间的柱子,column between two bedrooms © 朱清言

▼主卧,mani bedroom © 朱清言

▼次卧入口,相互交叠联通的洞口呈现出模糊的多义性,door of the second bedroom with a series of interlacing door openings © 朱清言


The pursuance for poetic in architecture seems irrelevant in urban living, which is highly condensed and confined. The project is about providing a flexible framework to underpin individual lifestyle. The focus is on the frame, rather than the content.

▼轴测图,axonometric drawing © 合尘建筑

▼平面,plan © 合尘建筑

▼剖面,sections © 合尘建筑

建筑面积:180 m²

Design: HCCH Studio
Team: Hao Chen, Chenchen Hu
Location: Changning district, Shanghai
GFA: 180 m²
Years: 2019-2020
Photos: Qingyan Zhu

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