Arc ZERO – Eclipse, China by James Tapscott

An endless and changeable void

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James Tapscott的新艺术作品“Arc ZERO – 日蚀”目前正在2018年12月18日开幕的中国深圳BAY ART艺术节展出(艺术节将持续到2月20日)。展览由香港Studio Movement策划,包括19位国际知名艺术家和23件原创作品。时尚与艺术相结合的展览在深圳湾区毗邻华润大厦的新万象城购物中心举办。Tapscott的作品改编自他在日本Alps节的著名作品:一座佛寺前雾气和灯光环绕的桥。

James Tapscott’s new artwork “Arc ZERO – Eclipse” is currently on display as part of Shenzhen BAY ART festival in China which opened on December 18th. (BAY ART Shenzhen continues to Feb 20)Curated by Keith Lam of Hong Kong based Studio Movement, the exhibition encompasses 19 renowned international artists and 23 original artworks. Connecting fashion with art, the exhibition opened in the new MIXC shopping mall adjacent to the ‘China Resources’ flagship building in the Shenzhen Bay area. Tapscott’s work is an adaptation of his famous work from the Japan Alps Festival, which used a ring of mist and light to encircle a bridge at the entrance to a Buddhist Temple.

▼“Arc ZERO – 日蚀”概览,view of the “Arc ZERO – Eclipse”

▼雾气、灯光、钢材形成的半圆弧经水面反射形成一个完整的圆形,watery reflection of the arch made by mist, light and steel creates a full circle


“For me it was a great opportunity to adapt the work from Japan into a more controlled environment and turn it into something more minimal. It becomes a very challenging perceptual experience – something truly sublime and spatially transformative. Using minimal light and water, the space appears almost endless, a dark, infinite void. With the watery reflection of the arch creating a full circle, the area within seems portal like, even darker than the surroundings, like a shadow hanging in space as opposed to being cast on a surface. To be able to walk on the reflection, and alter it with the ripples from one’s footsteps is so engaging, so mesmerizing; to be a part of the work in a physical sense. This experience of engaging the viewer’s entire body is what really excites me about working with water and light.”

▼圆弧空间似乎是一个黑暗、无尽的实体,space appears almost endless, a dark, infinite void

▼观赏者能够在反射面上行走,反射景象随着人走动而产生的涟漪而变化,viewers is able to walk on the reflection and alter it with the ripples from one’s footsteps

▼水面及映射景象细节,detail of water and the reflection

Arc ZERO – Eclipse
3m x 6m
Light, mist, steel

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