Apartment Tatuí by Passos Arquitetura

When the balcony turns into a city garden

Project Specs


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The main challenge of this project was to bring to the space located in a central area of São Paulo a house feeling, where the contact with nature can be always present. For this reason, the use of natural textures and the enhancement of natural lighting were chosen and light colors that contrast with the green present in the gardens are predominant.

▼项目概览,project overall view © André Mortatti / Marcos Caldo


The project performed as an experiment to apply elements of Japanese’s architecture: a light composition, use of raw materials and their own natural textures, as well as tsuboniwa and shakkei as the landscape concept. Tsuboniwa is a common element in Japanese’s architecture since the 8th century, but over the time it got modernized. It can be read as a courtyard garden, planted enclosed a building, in this case, the apartment, something similar as a winter garden. This element was applied in the social area of the apartment, as a visual connection between the living room, the dining room and the kitchen.

▼客厅区域,the living area © André Mortatti / Marcos Caldo

view from porch to the balcony full of green plant © André Mortatti / Marcos Caldo


On the other hand, Shakkei could be translated as “borrowed scenery”, when the project uses elements of the background to compose the architecture and the landscape. In the balcony, we can see the treetop of a flamboyant, and the landscape project took it as the design concept to create a garden through all the balcony. It results in an arrangement between interior and exterior elements, as a vast green area inside an apartment on a complete urbanized zone of São Paulo.

▼花园阳台,garden balcony © André Mortatti / Marcos Caldo


With the renovation of the apartment, the social area has become a large living space for the residents. Kitchen, dining room, living room and TV are joined and directly connected to the apartment’s garden. It is important to say that, if necessary, the kitchen can be isolated from the other environments by the pivoting glass doors that allow the passage of light, but block the view of those in the room.

▼餐厅与厨房,dining area and kitchen © André Mortatti / Marcos Caldo

▼可旋转玻璃门将厨房与其他环境隔开,the pivoting glass door separates the kitchen from the rest of the environment © André Mortatti / Marcos Caldo

▼厨房内部,inside the kitchen© André Mortatti / Marcos Caldo


▼沙发,sofa © André Mortatti / Marcos Caldo

In the social area, the American oak wood floor was chosen, which harmonizes with the natural wood joinery of Paricá. The original walls of the facade were peeled and painted in white, bringing a rustic feel to the environment. The colors of the environment are given by the green of the landscaping and small highlights of the decoration. In addition to the design of the entire carpentry of the apartment, the office also designed some of the furniture present in the room, such as the sofa and the dining table. About the sofa, we can say that it was designed to become the center of integration and connection of the environment. It has multiple functions and can be used both for moments of relaxation and for moments of conversation and socialization. The table, on the other hand, has a joinery structure with mounting made in fittings, inspired by Japanese joinery. It has a simple and light design, adapting to the most diverse types of environments.

view from the dining room to the living room
where the sofa is located © André Mortatti / Marcos Caldo

▼餐厅细部,the dining area detail © André Mortatti / Marcos Caldo

▼书房,study © André Mortatti / Marcos Caldo

▼浴室,bathroom © André Mortatti / Marcos Caldo

▼设计草图,design sketch © Passos Arquitetura

▼平面图,plan © Passos Arquitetura

General information
Project Name: Apartamento Tatuí
Architects: Passos Arquitetura
Website: www.passosarquitetura.com.br/
Email: thiago@passosarquitetura.com.br / mirelav@passosarquitetura.com.br
Country: Brasil
Lead Architect: Thiago Passos
Design Team: Débora Cunha, Mônica Valêncio, Maísa Pimenta, Mirela Borba, Isabella Haddad, Camila Miki Kawamura, Renata Iervolino, Matheus Proença
Landscape: Skygarden / www.skygarden.com.br
Year: 2017
Area: 256 m²
Location: Jardim Paulista, São Paulo – SP, Brazil

Photography: André Mortatti / Marcos Caldo
Photographer website: www.andremortatti.com.br
Photographer email: andre@andremortatti.com.br

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