AMO Designs Exhibition for Virgil Abloh In Chicago

A complete overview of the incredible range of Virgil’s talent and influence

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芝加哥当代艺术博物馆(MCA)邀请Virgil Abloh在即将于2019年6月开幕的“Figures of Speech”展览上展出个人作品及合作项目。Virgil Abloh本人与AMO的设计总监Samir Bantal共同为展览制定了创意主题和叙述方式,并将借助MCA的整个四层空间进行展示。AMO提出的设计概念将围绕着Virgil Abloh涉猎的领域展开,包括建筑、时装、设计、音乐和艺术。

For the exhibition Figures of Speech, opening in June 2019, Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) invited Virgil Abloh to present his range of work, projects and collaboration. Virgil Abloh teamed up with AMO’s director Samir Bantal to develop the creative direction and narrative of the exhibition, for which the entire 4th floor of the MCA will be dedicated. Together with Virgil, AMO developed a concept along the different worlds Virgil moves in: Architecture, Fashion, Design, Music and Art.

在策展人Michael Darling(MCA)的组织下,Virgil的一系列精选作品将在不同的展厅进行展示,旨在全面地展现Virgil的才华及影响力。从早期的时装从业经历到Kanye West的多领域创意顾问,从被任命为LV男装创意总监到成为巨星DJ,Virgil Abloh的作品早已进入全球观众的视野。

Curated by Michael Darling of the MCA, a selection of Virgil’s work was made to be displayed in the different halls, providing a complete overview of the incredible range of Virgil’s talent and influence. From Virgil’s early days in fashion, and his role as Kanye West’s creative multidisciplinary director, to his current role as Louis Vuitton’s creative director of menswear and superstar DJ, Virgil Abloh’s work has touched an incredibly wide audience globally.


Virgil and AMO worked through the lens of the ‘tourist’ and the ‘purist’, two types of museum visitors the show intends to speak to. The collaboration extends to the catalogue and merchandise design to be sold at a pop-up store in the MCA. The show is developed to travel internationally and is part of an ongoing collaboration between AMO and Virgil on other projects.

点此查看展品目录,包含Rem Koolhaas和Samir Bantal撰写的文字
The exhibition catalogue, including texts by Rem Koolhaas and Samir Bantal can be previewed here

Photos courtesy of AMO/OMA

More:OMA 将以下内容授权gooood发行。更多关于:OMA on gooood

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