Alone Together by Aristotle Roufa

Spots of light in the dark city. Although lonely, not alone.

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“在大城市中,我们殚精竭虑地去满足自己的消费需求,却忘了对于陪伴的需要。我们必须要知道,尽管孤独,但我们并非孑然一身。个人并不等于疏远。” — Aristotle Roufanis

“In a big city, we are very efficient in covering all our consumerist needs, but we forget our need for companionship. It is important for people to understand that although lonely, they are not alone. Individuality does not equal to alienation.” — Aristotle Roufanis


希腊摄影师Aristotle Roufanis的新作“孤独共存”将于九月在著名的ZONAMACO FOTO艺术节上展出。摄影师用全新的拍摄手法捕捉了一系列世界知名的城市景观,充满诗意地展现了城市的孤独和人类对于归属感的渴求。Aristotle Roufanis在城市高地静静等候黎明和黄昏的到来,这时的城市没有灯火通明,仅在有人生活的地方亮起几盏孤灯,在黑暗中遥遥相望。每张照片的处理时间需要一个月之久,其分辨度极高,可以被展示在1.6 x 5米的画布上,许多细节都得到了保留,甚至可以从发光的窗口看到里面的人影,带给人无限遐思。作品从独特的角度审视巴黎,伦敦,迈阿密和雅典等人们再熟悉不过的城市,深蓝色的幕布上闪烁着零星的灯光,人的生活让水泥森林似乎也有了几分柔情。

Greek photographer Aristotle Roufanis unveils today his latest body of work with the title ‘Alone Together’, which will be presented during the prestigious ZONAMACO FOTO art fair next month. The new series is a poetic reflection on urban alienation and the human need for togetherness, through a highly original set of cityscapes that capture the world’s most famous cities in a way that has never been done before. Using a technique of extra-high-definition photography, Aristotle Roufanis took these rare images after patiently waiting at dawn and dusk for the right conditions to coincide. The result is truly impressive, as familiar cities like Paris, London, Miami and Athens are seen in a completely different way, covered in blue-tinted darkness but also with tiny lights of apartments shining here and there.

For Aristotle Roufanis, the darkness symbolises urban solitude and isolation, and the tiny lights stand for humans stranded in city life. The emotionally charged panoramas of ‘Alone Together’ present a much more intimate and soft approach to vast concrete cityscapes, offering a bird’s-eye view of our urban habitats and connecting the dots of human interaction and solidarity against the frenzy pace of the big city. Through meticulous editing that can take up to a whole month for each photo, the photographer makes sure to bring out even the minutest details, which allows viewers to imagine they’re part of the scene they’re observing.

A self-taught photographer, Aristotle Roufanis has always been fascinated by architecture, and particularly the patterns and sheer scale of large cities. Interested in the many contrasts and the amount of information one can collect through “reading” an urban landscape, the artist has often turned his lens to urban architecture in the past. The most advanced and mature series of the photographer to date, ‘Alone Together’ combines several themes that have appeared in his work so far, that merge in a very skilful and refined way. For the exhibition at ZONAMACO FOTO in Mexico City (20-24 September), Aristotle Roufanis will present with gallery Arte Globale two photos from the new series for the first time ever, produced as larger-than-life high-quality prints that will immerse viewers in a unique visual and emotional experience.

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