Al Faya Lodge by ANARCHITECT

The wonderland in the desert

Project Specs

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Al Faya Lodge酒店位于Mount Alvaah的山脚下,坐落在阿联酋境内的一处深红色的史前沙漠景观中,靠近阿联酋的首座石油泵。该酒店是Sharjah Collection系列精品酒店的新成员,值得一提的是,该系列酒店主打生态的休闲场所,主要分布在整个沙迦酋长国境内。

Set at the foot of Mount Alvaah, the Al Faya Lodge is nestled into the UAE’s prehistoric crimson desert landscape with close proximity to the UAE’s first petroleum pump. The Al Faya Lodge is a new addition to the Sharjah Collection – a group of distinctive boutique hotels and eco-retreats purposefully located in key locations throughout the Sharjah Emirate.

▼Al Faya Lodge酒店鸟瞰图,bird-eye’s view of the Al Faya Lodge ©ANARCHITECT

Al Faya Lodge酒店的建筑设计由位于迪拜和伦敦建筑事务所ANARCHITECT及其创始人兼负责人——建筑师Jonathan Ashmore负责,在本项目中,设计团队尤为关注整个酒店带给旅客的空间体验。这两座建于20世纪60年代的单层石头建筑体量曾是一家诊所和食品杂货店,如今,经过改造,它们变成了一个现代化的精品酒店和餐厅。

一条公路将酒店的客房体量和水疗体量与餐厅体量分隔开来,在总体规划上为这个度假酒店创造出一种既不同寻常却又充满活力的城市感。在景观稀缺的沙漠中,这条公路将这些建筑体量与历史悠久的石油泵串联在了一起,为今后的旅人们提供了一个全新的度假好去处。在新建的海水温泉浴场的配合下,Al Faya Lodge酒店将成为阿联酋境内下一个炙手可热的独特旅游度假圣地。

▼酒店俯视图,酒店的客房体量和水疗体量与餐厅体量被一条公路分隔开来,top view of the hotel, Lodge, Spa and Restaurant buildings are divided by a through-road ©ANARCHITECT

The architecture and design of the Al Faya Lodge, by architect Jonathan Ashmore and his Dubai and London-based practice ANARCHITECT are paramount to the experience it provides. Two single-story, stone-built buildings from the 1960s, previously occupied as a clinic and grocery store, have been re-imagined into a contemporary boutique lodge and restaurant.

The Lodge, Spa and Restaurant buildings are divided by a through-road which creates an unusual and dynamic urbanity to the master plan of the retreat. The buildings together with the historical petroleum pump command a presence to the road in the scarce desert landscape and will become both a destination and stop-off for those who know and for those who then discover this new intervention. Together with the addition of a newly built saltwater spa building, Al Faya Lodge is set to become a new and unique destination in the UAE.

▼酒店局部鸟瞰图,隔着公路看远处的酒店的客房体量和Spa体量,partial bird-eye’s view of the hotel, viewing the distant Lodge and Spa across the through-road ©ANARCHITECT

建筑设计和室内设计都在有意地与现有建筑体量的原始结构形成对比。为了调整酒店的定位,扩展酒店空间,设计团队使用柯尔顿耐腐蚀钢材(Corten steel)建造了一系列加建的功能性空间。在这个过程中,建筑事务所ANARCHITECT无意中将更多的注意力集中在了原有建筑上,在加建的新元素与现存的旧元素之间建立起一个明确的界限,但与此同时,也使得新旧元素和谐地融为了一个整体。

The architecture and interior interventions purposely contrast the original fabric of the existing buildings. CorTen steel emphasizes the new additional layers that have been introduced to repurpose and extend the spaces to accommodate a new series of programmes. In doing so, ANARCHITECT has inadvertently drawn more focus to the original buildings, creating clearly defined thresholds and the juxtaposition between that what is old and what is new.

建筑事务所的负责人Jonathan Ashmore评论说:“在沙漠条件的环境中,夏季会出现长时间暴晒和极端炎热的天气和情况,因此,在此类型建筑的设计之初,我们就需要考虑这种气候条件对建筑物造型和体量的影响,其次,选择合适且坚固的材料也是十分重要的。实际上,沙漠中的基地所面临的的难题,不只是暴虐的阳光,还有很多其他极端情况,如:大暴雨、沙尘暴和夜间低温等。当地的石材和混凝土结构都是很好的蓄热体,可以很好地处理昼夜温差等极端的气候状况。此外,表面材料如柯尔顿耐腐蚀钢、以及二级结构材料如高强度的硬木材和铝材等,都被用在本项目的设计和建设中,以改善空间环境、提高设计的精确度,这一点在挑出的屋顶、遮阳构件和沙漠之上的露台中表现得更为明显。”

Jonathan Ashmore, practice Principal, comments: “Desert conditions present extreme heat in summer with intense and prolonged sun exposure so it is important to consider these factors when first designing the form and mass of the building and secondly the selection of suitable and robust materials which go hand in hand. Desert sites are exposed to all the elements and not just sunlight. The elements also include driving rain, sand storms and low-temperatures at night. Locally sourced stone or concrete construction provide heavy thermal mass to deal with these extremes with regards to temperature fluctuations. Surface materials like Corten steel and secondary structure materials like robust hardwoods and aluminum were also explored to add refinement and precision to the design particularly for over-sailing roofs, shading elements and also terrace decks raised above the level of the sands.”

▼酒店的客房体量外观,采用混凝土结构以保温隔热,每间客房在首层都有一个室外露台,exterior view of the Lodge in the concrete structure for thermal insulation, each guest room has an outdoor terrace at the ground floor ©ANARCHITECT

对建筑事务所ANARCHITECT来说,Al Faya Lodge酒店是一个既独一无二又激动人心的挑战,他们通过对基地环境、建筑细节和材料的深入研究,出色地完成了本项目。值得一提的是,材料的选择也是有一定的参考的,不仅与极端的环境、酷暑、干旱和沙漠气候有关,更与金属铁在该地区的存在历史有着千丝万缕的联系。柯尔顿耐腐蚀钢、柚木硬木材和灰泥都为建筑体量带去了微妙的色调变化和质感。设计团队希望这个酒店可以借助气候的影响,实现一种永恒的长寿。

Al Faya Lodge offered a one-of-a-kind and exciting challenge for ANARCHITECT with their passion for site-responsive projects and affinity to detail and materiality. The choice of material is contextual and relevant not only to the harsh, arid, desert climate but also to the historical presence of the iron in the region. CorTen steel, teak hardwoods and plastered-render offer a subtle tonal change and texture to the buildings which are intended to mature with timeless longevity in response to the impact of the climate.

▼酒店的客房体量外观,柯尔顿耐腐蚀钢和灰泥都为建筑体量带去了微妙的色调变化和质感,exterior view of the Lodge, CorTen steel and plastered-render offer a subtle tonal change and texture ©ANARCHITECT


酒店的客房体量 | The Lodge Building


▼酒店的客房体量外观,exterior view of the Lodge ©ANARCHITECT

▼酒店客房体量的室外柱廊,自带遮阳空间,the covered outdoor colonnade of the Lodge ©ANARCHITECT

The Lodge comprises of a dining, reception room, library & roof terrace. Within each room of the five-bedroom lodge is a feature skylight for star-gazing, the luxe room has the added experience of a private roof terrace and dual aspect.

▼客房体量的服务台,the concierge of the Lodge ©ANARCHITECT

▼客房体量的图书阅览室,the library of the Lodge ©ANARCHITECT

▼客房体量的接待室,the reception room of the Lodge ©ANARCHITECT

▼客房体量的小餐厅及其细节,the dining room of the Lodge and its details ©ANARCHITECT

▼客房体量的一般客房,the guest room of the Lodge ©ANARCHITECT

▼客房体量的豪华客房,the luxe room of the Lodge ©ANARCHITECT

▼酒店客房体量平面图,floor plan of the hotel building

▼酒店客房体量屋顶平面图,roof plan of the hotel building


酒店的Spa体量 | The Spa Building

Al Faya Lodge酒店的所有房间都开放预订,同时,设计团队还为入住的旅客专门建造了一座专属的Spa楼,楼中则设有露天的海水泳池和三个海盐水疗池,以供入住者在热气、海水和海盐中放松身心。在入住期间,旅客们可以通过自助服务,尽情地享受Spa中心所提供的全私密性服务。

▼酒店的Spa体量鸟瞰图,设有一个露天的海水泳池,bird-eye’s view of the Spa with an open-air saltwater pool ©ANARCHITECT

▼露天海水泳池鸟瞰图,bird-eye’s view of the open-air saltwater pool ©ANARCHITECT

▼露天海水泳池内部全景,panorama of the open-air saltwater pool ©ANARCHITECT

▼露天海水泳池,泳池边设有躺椅平台,the open-air saltwater pool with the deck chairs on the terrace ©ANARCHITECT

▼露天海水泳池的躺椅平台细节,details of the deck chairs terrace of the open-air saltwater pool ©ANARCHITECT

The Al Faya Lodge is to be booked in its entirety, with the spa experience available exclusively to the lodge’s guests. The purpose-built spa building houses an open-air saltwater pool and three salt spa experiences; heat, water and salt inhalation. The spa offers complete privacy with a self-service approach during the guests’ stay.

▼酒店Spa体量的采光天井,其中设有安静的休息空间,the light well of the open-air saltwater pool with a quiet rest area ©ANARCHITECT

▼酒店Spa体量的吸入式海盐休闲室,the salt inhalation relaxation room ©ANARCHITECT

▼酒店Spa体量平面图,floor plan of the Spa building

▼酒店Spa体量屋顶平面图,roof plan of the Spa building


酒店的餐厅体量 | The Restaurant Building


The restaurant and visitors’ reception are located on the other side of the property and comprise a dining room, outdoor terrace, fire-pit and a public roof terrace.

▼酒店的餐厅体量鸟瞰图,位于公路的另一侧,bird-eye’s view of the Restaurant located on the other side of the property ©ANARCHITECT

▼酒店餐厅体量西北立面外观,设有室外露台,exterior view of the north west elevation of the Restaurant with the outdoor terrace ©ANARCHITECT

▼酒店餐厅体量西北侧的室外露台,the outdoor terrace at the north west side of the Restaurant ©ANARCHITECT

▼酒店餐厅体量东南立面外观,设有室外篝火空间,exterior view of the south east elevation of the Restaurant with the fire-pit ©ANARCHITECT

▼室外篝火空间俯视图,top view of the fire-pit ©ANARCHITECT

▼餐厅室内局部,partial interior views of the restaurant ©ANARCHITECT

▼酒店餐厅体量平面图,floor plan of the restaurant building

本项目旨在成为一个旅游的必玩点,让游客们可以短暂逃离快节奏的城市生活,在自然环境中稍作喘息。建筑师刻意将Al Faya Lodge酒店打造为一个原始的存在,它就那么简单地伫立在基地上,置身于其中的旅客可以根据自己的时间、按照自己的方式来沉浸式地体验周边环境。它既实现了客户的志向和抱负,也体现了建筑事务所ANARCHITECT的设计愿景,为充满好奇心的、眼光独到的旅客创造了一个难忘的体验。可以说,这个独一无二的项目是由独特的、充满热情且基于基地环境的设计方法打造而成的。

The project is designed to become a destination that offers relief from the intensity of the City for short breaks. Al Faya Lodge is purposely primordial allowing one to simply exist, absorb and contemplate the surroundings in your own individual way and time. It embodies the ambition of the client and design vision of ANARCHITECT to create a memorable experience for the curious, discerning clientele, where a unique, passionate and contextual approach to the project has resulted in one-of-a-kind property.

▼总平面图,site plan

Completion date: Q1 2019
Location: Mount Alvaah, Mleiha, Sharjah UAE
Total Area: Plot area 8,000sqm
Architecture, Interiors & Furniture design: by ANARCHITECT
Client: SHUROOQ (Sharjah Investment and Development Authority)

CorTen steel, Laminam porcelain, Polished concrete, Parklex exterior grade timber, TMT Ashwood, Travertine stone, Flamed granite stone
Product Suppliers:
ANARCHITECT (bespoke Interior furniture)
Deltalight (lighting)
RODA (Outdoor chairs)
Kohler (Sanitaryware)
Manital (Ironmongery)
CorTen (exterior oxidized steel cladding)

Structure & MEP: Client in-house
Landscape: DesertINK
Furniture Procurement: H&H
Spa Consultant: The Wellness
Contractor: Alba Tower & Obaid Al Abdi
Joinery: Thomas & McQuaid

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