Aesop Pitt Street by Snøhetta

The tranquility in the bustling downtown environment

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建筑事务所Snøhetta于近日完成了一个商店设计,该设计位于悉尼中央商务区的核心地带,是Aesop迄今为止最大的零售店。该商店位于繁忙的国际购物区的中心,坐落于皮特街(Pitt Street)步行街道的一侧,希望能够通过零售空间来放慢行人的脚步,让人们能够忙里偷闲,静静地品味周围的建筑环境,欣赏其对比鲜明的材料和纹理。Aesop皮特街店将品牌风格和使命与悉尼精神融合在了一起,致力于售卖一系列能够反映当地城市和社区环境的货真价实的商品。内部空间宁静而祥和,给到店的人们带去一种平静而安心的感觉。

设计以宁静的悉尼沿海和邦迪海滩(Bondi Beach)海滨地区与充满活力的中央商务区之间的关系为出发点。巨大的花岗岩结构包裹着由砂岩打造而成的内部空间,从而向克里斯托(Christo)和珍妮·克劳德(Jeanne-Claude)于1968-1969年完成的项目“被包裹的海岸线(Wrapped Coast)”致敬(该项目用大片的白布将Little Bay的砂岩峭壁遮盖起来,创造出一种月球表面般的景观)。同样地,Aesop悉尼皮特街店也通过设计处理,将广阔而宁静的海岸线景观带到了繁华的闹市之中。为了融入市中心区域充满活力的环境氛围,商店采用带纹理的花岗岩和玻璃打造外立面,入口空间相对于街道向后退,留出一个过渡空间,隐喻地将沿海地带的宁静氛围引入了繁忙的市中心。入口立面的颜色和材质纹理都与商店所在建筑光滑的砂岩外立面有着明显的不同,隐晦地向行人们传达出“是时候放慢脚步了”的信号,同时创造出一种宁静的氛围,为人们创造出一个可以思考和放松的空间。

▼商店入口,入口空间相对于街道向后退,留出一个过渡空间,the entrance that is set back from the street and provides a moment to decompress and transition into the space © Benjamin Hosking

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 — Located in the heart of Sydney’s central business district, Snøhetta has designed Aesop’s largest store to date. In the middle of this busy cosmopolitan shopping area, along the pedestrianized section of Pitt Street, the design of Aesop’s store intends to slow down the pace of passersby, encourage browsing, and draw attention to the contrasting textures and materials of the surrounding buildings. Aesop Pitt Street is a result of the spirit of Sydney infused in the ambience and mission of Aesop, which includes creating honest products to be sold in shops which reflect the context of their locations, communities and environments. The interior space of Aesop Pitt Street is tranquil and peaceful, leaving visitors with a feeling of serenity and reassurance.

The design process began with understanding the relationships between the spirit of the coast and waterfront at Bondi Beach, and the vibrancy of the central business district. A monumental granite structure wraps the interior of the sandstone building, paying homage to Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s 1968-9 Wrapped Coast, which rendered the sandstone cliffs of Little Bay a theatrical, lunar landscape. Aesop Sydney brings the greatness and tranquility of coastal cliffs to the bustling downtown environment. Responding to the energy of the downtown area, the store’s entrance, clad in textured granite, is set back from the street and provides a moment to decompress and transition into the space, metaphorically bringing the coastal calm into the busy city center. The contrasting color and texture of the entrance, in contrast to the smooth sandstone features of the building, signals visitors to slow down, and create a moment of stillness upon entry, allowing space to think and relax.

▼商店室内局部,中央金属展台的外观线条干净利落,partial interior view of the store, the central metal display stand boasts a clean profile © Benjamin Hosking


The large metal block sinks boast a clean profile and displays the products in a central zone dedicated to cleansing and testing. The sinks and counters are industrial and sleek, even while their finish reflects the dark and cool stone.

▼商店室内局部,中央金属展台不仅展示着商品,更设有水槽,既工业又时尚,partial interior view of the store, the central display stand with sinks displays the products, creating an industrial and sleek atmosphere © Benjamin Hosking


A robust and durable material palette of stone, brass metal and concrete balances a sense of monumentality and intimacy. Inspired by the monolithic scale and texture of a stone quarry, the room appears to be composed of solid granite. Despite sandstone being the prevailing local geology, granite, an igneous rock known for its strength and durability, lines the pavements of Sydney’s central business district, where Aesop Sydney is located, which resembles a strong connection between Sydney and Aesop.

▼墙面展示区,呈现出花岗岩的纹理,the wall display area with the texture of granites © Benjamin Hosking


Carved grooves in the stone create the divisions where metal shelves have been inserted, integrating shaves into the cladding. Polished metal detailing reflects the stone, creating an almost invisible line and highlighting the products displayed around the perimeter of the space.

▼墙面展示细节,金属置物架嵌入石墙的凹槽,将展示构件与空间的内饰面和谐地统一了起来,details of the wall display area, metal shelves insert in the carved grooves in the stone, integrating shaves into the cladding © Benjamin Hosking


The Aesop Pitt Street store consists of several areas that cater to the needs of each individual customer. The communal sinks at the front allow for staff demonstrations and user-friendly testing of the products, whereas the private sinks deeper within the space allow for more contemplative product exploration, creating a sense of “home” away from home, and encouraging mindful selections. Towards the back of the store, a small amphitheater allows for a moment of repose and relaxation where visitors can choose to observe the environment or watch a short film displayed on an in-built screen on the wall.

▼商店更深处的私人体验区,the private sinks deeper within the space © Benjamin Hosking

Aesop皮特街店是建筑事务所Snøhetta为Aesop所设计的第八间商店。此前的七间包括:位于挪威奥斯陆的Prinsens Gate店(点击蓝色链接查看原文)和Homansbyen店、位于德国杜塞尔多夫的Grabenstraße店、位于德国柏林的Fasanenstraße店、位于新加坡的ION店和Raffles City店以及位于英国伦敦的约克公爵广场店(点击蓝色链接查看原文)。

Aesop Pitt Street is the eighth Aesop store designed by Snøhetta. Other stores include Aesop Prinsens Gate (Oslo, click here to read more), Aesop Homansbyen (Oslo), Aesop Grabenstraße (Düsseldorf), Aesop Fasanenstraße (Berlin), Aesop ION (Singapore), and Aesop Raffles City (Singapore), and Aesop Duke of York Square (London, click here to read more).

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