ABC FW19 by Konstantin Kofta

The essential geometries

Project Specs

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项目理念 | Collection epigraph


Relationship of man and space, the synthesis of technical and creative, making the form is absolute by bringing to geometrical perfection. Forms cleared from any symbolism and metaphoricity, repeatability, monochrome, neutral surfaces, industrial materials and methods of manufacture. ABC seeks to convey the simplified essence and form of objects, cutting off secondary images and shells. The symbolism prevails based on three main figures also colors, dots and lines.

▼曲线造型包具,Curve © Aleksei Gots

▼圆筒造型包具,Cylinder © Aleksei Gots

▼锥体造型包具,Cone © Aleksei Gots

▼立方体造型包具,Cube © Aleksei Gots


设计概念 | Design


We want to allow the viewer to gain different perspective on familiar things through synergizing with our artwork. Our bags serve as a canvas for expressing our creative intentions through properties that they did not initially possess, endowing them with ability to bring aesthetic pleasure, while maintaining functionality.

▼两点透视造型包具,Horopter © Aleksei Gots

▼同心圆造型包具,Coaxal © Aleksei Gots

▼Salinon(四个半圆形组成的)造型包具,Salinon © Aleksei Gots

▼摆线造型包具,Cycloid © Aleksei Gots

▼Arbelos(三个半圆相切)造型包具,Arbelos © Aleksei Gots

Project Information
Photo credit: Aleksei Gots

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