Abbots & Kinney Patisserie by Studio-Gram

A shop has a split personality.

Project Specs


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这间位于澳大利亚阿德莱德的糕点店提供纯正的意大利咖啡和定制点心,店内由两个截然不同的部分组成。点心师傅Jonny Pisanelli要求店铺既要包含对Abbot Kinney,一位于1905年将威尼斯运河带到洛杉矶的加利福尼亚开发商的致敬,又要体现出Jonny在制作点心时将传统与现代相结合的高超技艺。二元性,独创性和技术是组成设计的三个元素。

A man that brought Venice to California served as the inspiration for bringing fine Italian Coffee and bespoke pastries to Adelaide, all found within a shop that seemingly has a split personality. The brief was set by Pastry Chef, Jonny Pisanelli, it consisted of two parts; a tribute to Abbot Kinney, a conservationist, developer, and Californian icon, who brought the magic of the Venice Canals to Los Angeles in 1905; and a celebration of Jonny’s craft; which respects the traditions of a patisserie, with a contemporary twist, where the pastries take on a personality of their own. Duality, originality, and craft were the binding elements that formed the overall concept.

▼店内一览,overall view of the patisserie


The space is split on the diagonal, one side, bespoke timber framing, free of any linings, revealing the structure and construction techniques that are often overlooked. The other side is flushed and painted black. Like Pisanelli’s trademark sfogliatelles, the patisserie is layered and exquisitely tailored. Every joinery item, including the leather-wrapped bin, are bespoke elements, every joint was measured against tradition, and expressed in a contemporary manner, a true reflection of the client’s craft.


▼店铺沿对角线被分成了截然不同的两种风格,the space is split on the diagonal

▼温馨的木结构空间,warm space with wooden structure


▼外露的木结构,exposed wooden structure


▼木结构细部及木板上的文字,details of the wooden structure and characters on the wooden board


▼定制的家具,bespoke furniture


▼家具细部,details of the furniture


Project size: 76 m2
Completion date: 2015
Project team: Studio-Gram

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