AARU住宅,墨西哥 / Arquitectura ERRE




来自 ÁREA Colectiva 对gooood的分享。
Appreciation towards ÁREA Colectiva for providing the following description:


Located in the heart of one of the most important financial centers of the city, AARU is characterized by respecting the unusual nature that surrounds it within the City. The building is located in front of 1600m2 of its own forest and integrates and contains a 13.5 meter deep ravine, with two completely different views, either the forest or the city as a whole are present in each view, sometimes it is incorporated to areas of the residences.

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view of the project ©Jaime Navarro

▼鸟瞰近景,closer view of the project ©Jaime Navarro


From the beginning the idea was to conserve as many trees as possible, this led to the architecture being designed and built based on them and their location, and not the other way around as it usually happens. This is how four exclusive “townhouses were achieved, each one unique in its kind and that offer the peace that is sought in a city as it is Mexico City.

▼建筑与环境,the building and surroundings ©Jaime Navarro

▼森林侧外观,external view from the forest ©Jaime Navarro

▼建筑与树木的共生关系 ©Jaime Navarro
the symbiotic relationship between buildings and trees

▼孩子们在丛林间嬉戏,the children playing in the forest ©Jaime Navarro

▼树木穿过建筑,trees pass through the building ©Jaime Navarro


The ravine was studied to be designed as a contemplation garden where users can interact through strategically placed HYGGO benches, and thus break the traditional uses that are given to this type of space. Thanks to its double façade, the main façade is the one that is integrated into the ravine, creating different scenarios from different angles, no matter where the user is, the view will always be different.

▼立面与山谷融为一体,the facade is integrated with the ravine ©Jaime Navarro

▼观景平台,viewing platform ©Jaime Navarro

▼建筑内部,inside view ©Jaime Navarro

▼旋转楼梯,spiral stairs ©Jaime Navarro

▼夜景,night view ©Jaime Navarro



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