A Sheet of Stool, Hongkong by Napp Studio & Architects

A stool connectiong tradition and future

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Traditionally, plastic stools are a must-have item in old Hong Kong due to its versatile function and economy of storage. However, as the new generation starts to become more conscious about design and environment, we think we could revise the stools with a material that is aesthetically more contemporary and materialistically more durable. Making use of a whole piece of copper sheet without wastage, the piece is out of a flat-cut by simple machineries without the need of factory-level equipment. Through folding, such thin piece of metal can gain its stability with the inherent strength of the material and stands on itself, creating a simple yet sculptural form.

▼产品展示,简单而又有雕塑感的造型,Product display , simple yet sculptural form ©2019 Napp Studio


Engraving and bending along the two carefully calculated curves on a flat metal sheet, a 3-dimensional warp is formed which makes the whole stool structural. The engraving and bending of metal sheet requires extreme care and craftsmanship in which any minor deviation would results in instability or imbalance.

▼产品立面,Product facade ©2019 Napp Studio

这个项目同样是香港设计过去与未来之间的对话。香港曾以其第二产业而闻名。实际上,即使是现在,仍有许多精通各种材料,工艺精湛且注重细节的大师隐藏于城镇。这次,我们有幸邀请到金鸿金属(Kam Hung Metal)的李师傅合作。从概念,生产到最终产品的呈现,我们与李师傅之间,产生了许多新与旧的的碰撞。其中,我们从李师傅那学习到的金属加工工艺,及来自于传统塑料凳子的设计灵感可以被理解为对于“过去”的传承;凳子采用的现代设计中常用的不锈钢材料,及它所蕴含的极简主义形式则暗示着从“过去”中新生的“未来”。

This project is also a demonstration of the interconnection between past and future of design in Hong Kong. Hong Kong was once famous for its secondary industry. In fact, nowadays, there are still so many hidden passionate masters/ sifu of various materials in town with exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. It is very fortunate for us to work with Sifu Li of Kam Hung Metal. I think there are many layers of past and future juxtaposing on each other from concept, production to the final product. Our collaboration with Sifu Li with his experience in working with metal work and the inspiration from the traditional plastic stool could be understood as the “past”; the stool remade in stainless steel as a common material in contemporary design and the new minimalist form it carries is suggesting a “future” springing from the “past”.

▼设计将传统塑料凳子的设计灵感应用于不锈钢材料。 The stool remade in stainless steel to present the inspiration from traditional plastic stool ©2019 Napp Studio


We think it is important to realize craftsmanship is not limited to traditional crafts. Both traditional culture and craftsmanship have their irreplaceable value in combining with latest technology and informing the development of art and design which reflect a crucial part of humanity and civilization. With the advancement of technology at unprecedented speed, it is extremely critical for us to constantly reflect on our design in relation to traditional culture and craftsmanship so as to understand the meaning of design at our time and throughout history.

▼产品细部,Product detail ©2019 Napp Studio

Designer: Napp Studio & Architects
Design Team: Aron TSANG Wai-Chun, Wesley HO Hung-Lai
Manufacturer: Kam Hung Metal
Photographer: Jimmy HO
Date: November 2019

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