“本质”—— 海信未来展厅的空间营造,青岛 / 裸筑更新




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This time, Roarc Renew is commissioned to create a hybrid commercial space for a long-established Chinese TV brand—— Hisense——its HISENSE SCIEN-EXPLORATION CENTER, which includes a commercial entrance space, a future TV exhibition hall, an old TV display area and a coffee shop.

▼展厅接待区,reception area © Wen Studio


Initially built as the Hisense TV factory, the space has undergone multiple renovations; during the process the façade has changed its appearance completely. However, the internal structure with the girder-less floor and the umbrella columns was well reserved continuing the memory of the old Hisense TV factory. We believe both of these two features should be kept intact to remind people of respecting and protecting the past while unleashing unlimited impossibilities in the future. 

▼咖啡餐饮区,coffee and dining area © Wen Studio

▼电梯间,the lifts © 蝈蝈


What we are designing for?



▼空间分区轴测图,space partition axonometric map © 裸筑更新

This is the question that Roarc Renew will always ask ourselves for every project. We believe each space has its own voice, character and form. Just as in the recent project of TaiOursea Laomendong SPA Shop, we stuck to our view to use red bricks as a way to highlight the Thailand attributes. As with this very project, the starting point will be respecting the identity of Hisense as a brand. Our visit to Hisense’s museum of TV development history has led to a not-hard-to-find but ignored information: the TV development history spanning over a century is actually an evolvement from blurred to high definition images, which can be regarded as a glimpse of the civilization process for human kind. Over time, history will tell the better from the worse. But the process itself is a treasure worthy of preservation for future review.

In this sense, the process from blurred to high definition can not only represent the TV manufacturing history, but also Hisense’s development history and its achievements after long-term evolvement.

▼老电视展览墙,the Old TV exhibition wall © 蝈蝈

▼老电视展览墙,the Old TV exhibition wall © Wen Studio



In a modern LCD TV, there are two major parts playing significant roles – a spectrum screen responsible for brightness and a color screen for saturation. This separation has shown a trend towards increasing specialization and sophistication contributing to higher definition images. 

As always, pursuing essence and expressing it to tell the story is how Roarc Renew interprets an interior space.

▼客厅展区,the living room exhibition area © Wen Studio


Space as Images


1 多色:从模糊到清晰的过程,即从墙面的模糊混沌的状态,到电视机液晶屏的清晰状态。我们邀请多媒体顾问,希望实现数字信号同频传导,即,电视机屏幕的图像与空间成像保持一致,由相同的图像的冲突,来表达从模糊到清晰这一本质特征。

2 单色:所影射的是现代液晶电视中的核心“光谱屏”的本质特征,通过建筑材料阳光板的光过滤,将核心光谱屏的特征放大至整个空间尺度。

We use space as a way to show images and a metaphor to tell the story. We are intending to create two kinds of images in this space:

1. Polychrome: Recreating images from blurred to clear by showing a blurring wall morphing to a high definition LCD TV. To this goal, we have invited a multi-media consultant to help realize same frequency digital signal transmission. That means displaying different resolution versions of a same image to create the contrast and show the process of a blurred image to the high resolution one.

2. Monochrome: Reflecting the essential features of the spectrum screen, a key component in modern LCD TV. To this goal, PP sheets will be used as a light-filtering building material to magnify the features of the spectrum screen across the whole space.

▼显示屏核心光谱的特征被放大至整个空间尺度,features of the display’s core spectrum are amplified to the entire spatial scale © Wen Studio


To create a certain space is essentially to present a unique idea. Such ideas can be incorporated with business values and meanings. 

▼24小时显像管,24-hour imaging gallery © Wen Studio


To Find Order in Chaos



analysis chart of “light filtering” effect of sunshine board © 裸筑更新

analysis chart of the wall effect of 24-hour display gallery © 裸筑更新

Roarc Renew once put forward its approach of aesthetics: we believe that beauty imprinted on memory is a glimpse of the order in things. It is the consensus and judgement made by educated eyes and brains, a very tricky but quite common aesthetic value followed by most people. This approach has been applied in almost all our prior projects, whether it’s the disciplines in Carlowitz & Co’s arch ring, the eye up in MIXPACE’s spiral staircase or the orderly structure of TaiOursea Laomendong’s bricks. These orderly designs have become a mark of our products. However, established approaches won’t stop us from trying the contrary and stepping further to innovate.

In this project, we hope to use the disorder in digital world to resist the order in physical world. It is somewhat like a reflection for the industrial designs of the obsolete TV and the modern LCD TV.

the sun panel presents chaos and disorder, breathing, heartbeat, resonance © Wen Studio


A scene of chaos and disorder is created when the light going through the 5mm PP sheets, wherein you can feel the breath, heartbeat and certain common feelings aroused. We hope such deliberate efforts could transform the space to a “better” existence, to live like a human, a trivial being not trying to show or conceal anything.

the sun panel presents chaos and disorder, breathing, heartbeat, resonance © Wen Studio


Resin Exhibition Stand


Hisense is a major TV manufacturer in China, we didn’t take much trouble to find 30 obsolete old TV sets in its repository. They all have one common characteristic: casings are all broken and kernels covered with dust.

▼树脂展台构成分析图,resin booth structure analysis diagram © 裸筑更新


Every generation has their unique footprints and imprints, forming the most essential treasures of a time. The younger generation needs to respect the history and heritage of the past as the cycle of life treat everyone equal.  Therefore, we want to reveal a part of TV history to the youth. We toke out all parts of the TV set, swept the dust away, washed them clean and packaged them separately. And then sent them to a resin factory in Huizhou of Guangdong Province to be cast in resins, in a beautiful and peaceful arrangement based on new aesthetic values.

▼树脂展台细部,resin booth details © Wen Studio


And now, the 12 resin exhibition stands made up the exhibition hall. The almost transparent resin can let light fully filter through, making the internal parts all sparkly and shiny. 

▼24小时显像馆由12组老电视树脂展台支撑起来,the 24-hour pavilion is supported by 12 sets of old TV resin stands © Wen Studio

▼老旧零件树脂展台“支撑”起来的未来电视展厅,the future TV showroom “supported” by old parts resin booth © Wen Studio


Inherent Space Features



▼空腔构成分析图,analysis diagram of cavity composition © 裸筑更新

1. The grids formed by the girder-less floor have an inherent order, which is glamourous in itself.

A top design always makes the best use of the original structures and forms. With this logic in mind, each grid was set up with a color-changing light strip to illuminate the cavity in the grid. An additional backlight line was placed in each cavity to highlight the spatial pattern, while the whole ceiling presents a sense of order. Apart from this, the light in each cavity is controlled by a set of weak current to follow the changes in spectrum, brightness and definition of the wall.

▼天花空腔细部,ceiling cavity detail © Wen Studio



2. Umbrella Columns

These old umbrella columns standing in this exquisite but chaotic space carries many old memories of the old architecture. To pay salute to it, we have spent lots of efforts to polish the concrete surface to take away some of the roughness. 

▼伞形柱,umbrella column © Wen Studio



3 Fire Stairs

Taking a similar approach, exquisite combines with roughness to create a certain contrast. The order of the steel rail has given the space a sense of fullness. The arrangement and direction of the lights demonstrated the most essential existence in the stair space.

▼消防楼梯,fire stairs © Wen Studio

▼消防楼梯中的灯光指引,light guide in fire stairs © 蝈蝈

4 磨石粒


4 Grinded Grains

Considering it’s a commercial project, we have a duty to show the commercial elements as a respectful gesture to the proprietor. There is a color called Hisense green, an iconic color which all Hisense people take pride in. We managed to find a kind of aggregate with a similar color to Hisense green. We hope the Hisense green to be exposed by the grains after millions of grinding between millstones. Thus, the commercial metaphor is shown in an implicit and natural way, rather than showing or concealing something deliberately.

▼海信绿定制水磨石细部,Hisense green custom terrazzo details © Wen Studio


As always, Roarc Renew is dedicated to exploring the essence of architecture. This is also the way we dealt with every project we took. With the space creation being a branch in architectural design, we hope to use logic, essence, meaning and more abstract thinking to define this concrete and impulsive world.

▼平面图,plan © 裸筑更新

项目地址: 山东省青岛市市南区江西路11号
设计单位:裸筑更新建筑设计事务所 roarc.cn
设计团队:梁萧怡 顾倩 吴叶静 杨俊一
老电视机拆解+树脂亚克力岛台制作: 柏振琦 郁颖 盛朦萱 张成华
张海波 张小凡 梁萧怡 薛乐骞 陆慧沁 王丽 何银

施工顾问:张成华 结庐装饰
摄影师:Wen Studio, 蝈蝈
主要建材:水磨石 阳光板 和纹不锈钢
设计时间:2019. 03-2019.05
施工时间:2019. 07-2019.10

Project name: HISENSE SCIEN-EXPLORATION CENTER Future Exhibition Hall
Location: Qingdao, China
Address: No.11, Jiangxi Road, Shinan District, Qingdao City, Shandong province, China
Building area: 1200 square meters
Designer: Roarc Renew (roarc.cn)
Principal architect: Robben Bai
Principal architect: Sheng Mengxuan
Design team members: Liang Xiaoyi, Gu Qian, Wu Yejing, Yang Junyi
Old TV set disassembly+Resin acrylic island production: Robben Bai,Yu Ying, Sheng Mengxuan,
Zhang Chenghua, Zhang Haibo, Zhang Xiaofan, Liang Xiaoyi, Xue Leqian, Lu huiqin, Wang Li, He Yin

Lighting Design: Jiang Zhaolong
Multimedia consultant: BEBEETECH DIGITAL CO.LTD
Construction consultant: Zhang Chenghua from Shanghai Jielu Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.
Constructor: Shanghai Jielu Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.
Photo credits: Wen Studio, GuoGuo
Client: Hisense Co.,Ltd.
Main building materials: Custom terrazzo, Polycarbonate Sheet, Irregularly-lined stainless steel
Date of design (start and completed date): 2019. 03-2019.05
Date of construction (start and completed date): 2019. 07-2019.10

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