A Private Fish Maw Museum, China by Jingu Phoenix Space Planning Organization

To highlight the gold aged fish maws that carry the memories of time

Project Specs


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The project is a private museum of dried fish maws (also known as swim bladders), which is located in Shoutou City, China. The client has been interested in collecting aged fish maws for several decades. With a view to communicating the culture and value of fish maws, he entrusted JINGU PHOENIX SPACE PLANNING ORGANIZATION to create a neat space for displaying his collection.

▼入口,entrance ©隐象建筑摄影


▼轴测示意,axon gif. ©今古凤凰空间策划机构

The designers deconstructed the spatial functions via architectural languages, and adopted gray as the main hue, so as to highlight the gold aged fish maws that carry the memories of time. In addition, they utilized old oak timber and gave it sawtooth grain through special treatment. The aged texture and color of oak wood coincide with those of fish maws, which generates dialogue between the materials and the collection.

▼以灰色为主调的空间带入有年份感的金黄色系,the interior adopted gray as the main hue, so as to highlight the gold aged fish maws that carry the memories of time ©隐象建筑摄影


▼铁制鱼形艺术装置, fish-shaped iron art installation ©隐象建筑摄影

▼从入口装置望向壁画,view to the mural from the installation ©隐象建筑摄影

▼空间的中空位置保留原有水泥质感梁体的裸露, the original concrete beam is exposed in the double-height hollow space ©隐象建筑摄影

▼中庭空间,atrium space ©隐象建筑摄影

An arched door opening guides visitors to enter the interior space and start the journey of exploring fish maw culture. Opposite to the entrance is a fish-shaped iron art installation, which is handmade by artists and hung in the air, seeming to tell the history of fish maws. In the double-height hollow space, the original concrete beam is exposed and penetrated by a wooden strip that is embellished with bulbs, thereby enhancing structural aesthetic and functionality as well. The first and second floors are connected by a staircase, which is formed by oak wood featuring sawtooth grain.

▼锯齿橡木楼梯,the staircase formed by oak wood featuring sawtooth grain ©隐象建筑摄影

▼从楼梯俯瞰入口空间,overlook to the entry hall from the stair ©隐象建筑摄影


There is a reception hall on 1F, in which all the furniture is made of oak wood, to ensure an austere texture within the space. At the other side of the first floor, a large glass door opens up the space for showcasing the client’s collected fish maws, where an abstract painting themed on human and fish attracts visitors to immerse themselves in the display space.

▼一层接待厅,reception area on the ground floor ©隐象建筑摄影

▼从楼梯俯瞰一层接待厅,overlook to the reception area from the stair ©隐象建筑摄影


The designers applied various straight and oblique structural shapes, to create the overall visiting circulation. The concave form of exhibits, the museum-like display, as well as rigorous lighting design, all help to accentuate the shape and texture of each piece of fish maw. As the natural light filtering into the space, the interior surfaces finished with white paint produce interplay of light and shadows.

▼展示空间, display space ©隐象建筑摄影

▼博物馆的展示方式与严格的灯光处理, the museum-like display with a rigorous lighting design ©隐象建筑摄影

▼洽谈区,reception area ©隐象建筑摄影

▼直线与斜线结构形体区分出了整体的观赏路径,various straight and oblique structural shapes was applied to create the overall visiting circulation ©隐象建筑摄影

▼细部,detailed view ©隐象建筑摄影

▼洽谈区和会客区,reception area and lounge area ©隐象建筑摄影

▼室内细部,detailed view ©隐象建筑摄影


The display and reception areas provide space for multiple people to communicate. Various combinations of furniture, as well as the bubble-like lamps that symbolize “the water of life”, together create balance and artistic conception in the space, rendering it artistic and conformable.

▼象征生命之水的水泡形艺术灯,the bubble-like lamps symbolize “the water of life” ©隐象建筑摄影

▼双层高洽谈空间,the double-hight reception area ©隐象建筑摄影

▼轴测拆解图,axon exploded ©今古凤凰空间策划机构

▼一层平面图,1F plan ©今古凤凰空间策划机构

▼二层平面图,2F plan ©今古凤凰空间策划机构

项目地点: 广东省汕头市海湾一城
项目面积: 约800m²
设计单位:今古凤凰空间策划机构 (http://www.jingfh.com)

Project information
Project name: A Private Fish Maw Museum
Location: Gulf City, Shantou, Guangdong, China
Area: about 800 m2
Completion time: November 28, 2019
Design firm: JINGU PHOENIX SPACE PLANNING ORGANIZATION (http://www.jingfh.com)
Chief designer: Ye Hui
Design team: Chen Jian, Lin Weibin, Chen Xuexian
Decoration team: Feng Qi Wu Tong
Construction firm: Wan You Yin Li
Photos: Yinxiang Arch Photography
Client: Mr. Zhuang
Main materials: granite, oak wood, Gray steel with fluorocarbon coating, white paint (DANILO), cement-effect paint (DANILO)


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