A Hairdessser’s Salon on Talstrasse by WÜLSER BECHTEL ARCHITEKTEN

Delicate wooden ceiling patterns various in different views, always creating an interesting space.

Project Specs


Appreciation towards WÜLSER BECHTEL ARCHITEKTEN for providing the following description:


Tranquility and movement


We’ve been working on an art-inspired hairdressers salon interior on one of the most busy streets of Zurich. The brief said that their ambitious clients should forget about their jobs and problems once they get their hair done. It’s a highly personal and very demanding service and the atmosphere is a huge part of the experience. There was obviously a huge difference in mood from the hectic and noisy street outside to the laidback music and the repetitive sound of high quality scissors inside. It seems that time passes in different tempi.

▼室内一览,overall view of the salon

1-wuelserbechtel_talstrasse_foto07-WULSER BECHTEL ARCHITEKTEN

虽然室外快节奏的城市生活和业主希望达到的效果不同,但设计师并不想无视周边环境,因此他们设计了一种将悠闲和繁忙结合在一起的图案,以解决这个问题。设计师从以Emilie Ding的画为代表的当代图形艺术和以Roman Clemens的作品为代表的现代舞台设计中获得灵感,与当地木工合作完成了这一系列精美的图案,它们的外观随着观察角度变化而变化,一直给人以新鲜的感受。

The quick pace of the outside can be considered distracting for what the hairdressor wants to achieve but at the same time we don’t want to the surrounding since we were interested in a very specific solution. We developed a pattern that is both – unhasty and intricate at the same time. It remains interesting since it changes it appearence depending on the perspective of it’s observer. It’s the result of an elaborate series of prototypes done with a local carpenter and inspired by contemporary graphic art (like the beautiful painting by Emilie Ding) or classic modern stage designs (like Roman Clemens’ work).

▼不同角度观察图案不同,the patterns various from different views

1-wuelserbechtel_talstrasse_foto01-WULSER BECHTEL ARCHITEKTEN     1-wuelserbechtel_talstrasse_foto03-WULSER BECHTEL ARCHITEKTEN

1-wuelserbechtel_talstrasse_foto02-WULSER BECHTEL ARCHITEKTEN     1-wuelserbechtel_talstrasse_foto04-WULSER BECHTEL ARCHITEKTEN


Spatial Installation

沙龙中精巧的木制室内装饰一部分是利用CAAD和CAM技术预制的,也有相当一部分是由手工制作。设计师经过仔细研究,设计了一些精细的隐藏节点,将3毫米厚的MDF木片从长边连接在 一起。所有的部件都要尽可能的薄,以保证感官效果。为了实现这一点,设计师们进行了许多次试验和改进,才最终在6天内完成了全部安装工作。比起经典的建筑,这个设计更像是一个装置,但设计师们相信这个为项目量身定做的精确工程可以为沙龙提供一些不朽的特质。

The delicate wood interior was partly prefabricated using CAAD and CAM technologies but also involved a lot of handcraft. We managed to develop some refined and invisible longitudinal connections between pieces of 3mm MDF wood. Everything had to be as thin and precise as possible to not spoil the perspective effect. It took a lot of testing and developing before everything was assembled within 6 days of work. It’s more of an installation than a classic architecural approach but we believe the precision and the site-specific approach creates something very timeless here.

▼装置图解,diagram of the installation

/Users/stefan.wuelser/Dropbox/B__PROJEKTE_AKTUELL/014_En_Vogue_T     /Users/stefan.wuelser/Dropbox/B__PROJEKTE_AKTUELL/014_En_Vogue_T     /Users/stefan.wuelser/Dropbox/B__PROJEKTE_AKTUELL/014_En_Vogue_T


As a customer you spend between 1 and 3 hours in the . You move slowly inside the patterns space – so it unfolds it’s rich variations when you change direction of view. As a cardriver or pedestrian you see the ceiling kind of „transform“ while you move by rather quickly because you change the angle of view more drastically.

▼精细的图案,refined patterns

2-wuelserbechtel_talstrasse_foto09-WULSER BECHTEL ARCHITEKTEN


Since this geometric perception phenomena is the dominating spatial idea – all the other elements of the salon are stripped to their very functional minimum. The lights and the plugs hang from the ceiling. Black wires not touching neither floor nor ceiling. Nothing comes out of walls since we wanted this temporary – artgallery like space. We also designed a specific series of mirrors for the salon which always comes in symmetrical pairs. While there is the mirror on the frontside – the back serves as a table to place magazines and drinks. The existing column in the back of the space is thicker then it should be from a structural point of view. But it gives weight and centres to the whole space – it is a welcoming disturbance to all the repeating parts and emphasizes the thinness of the wooden ceiling and walls.

▼柱子的打断让图案更具韵律,the column providing a wellcoming distubance to the repeating parts

2-wuelserbechtel_talstrasse_foto06-WULSER BECHTEL ARCHITEKTEN

▼夜景,night view

1-wuelserbechtel_talstrasse_foto10-WULSER BECHTEL ARCHITEKTEN



▼室内立面图,interior elevations





Architecture: Wuelser Bechtel Architects, Zurich, Switzerland
Team: Stefan Wuelser, Nicolaj Bechtel, Daniel Klinger
Realized: 2016
Drawings: Wuelser Bechtel Architects, Zurich
Photography: Wuelser Bechtel Architects, Zurich

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