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世界上有趣,创新的事务所及工作室在一个怎样的环境中以怎样的模式进行工作?gooood为您奉上专辑。这是第七辑TAO 迹。


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gooood为您奉上<OFFICE真相>专辑。这是第七辑TAO 迹。


TAO 迹 . 建筑事务所予gooood分享以下内容。
Appreciation towards
TAO (Trace Architecture Office) for providing the following description:


Founded by Hua Li in 2009, TAO (TRACE ARCHITECTURE OFFICE) is a Beijing based
design studio committed to architecture, urban, landscape, and furniture
design. Being critical at contemporary architecture as an obsession to fancy
forms and becoming fashions or dogmas in the context of media driven globalized
consumerism, TAO pursues essence of architecture with poetics of space and
clarity of tectonics. With their most projects positioned in specific cultural
and natural settings in China, TAO makes architecture deeply rooted in its
social and environmental context with respect of its gravity. The sense of
place, response to climate, efficient use of local resource, appropriate
material and construction method, such issues are always explored in every TAO
project responding to its specific context. TAO has realized several award
wining projects including Museum of Handcraft Paper in Yunnan and XiaoQuan
Elementary School in Sichuan. Their works have been recognized and published
widely both in China and internationally. 







TAO (TRACE ARCHITECTURE OFFICE) 迹. 建筑事务所由华黎创立于北京,是一家从事建

About the courtyard house of TAO
In 2012 TAO moved to a small courtyard house in Hutong area of Beijing due to
the demolition of factory when previous office was located.
The physical space in courtyard is little tight for the office, however the
courtyard offers sky, tree, sunlight, breeze, ground and roof to us and creates
a pleasant and warm atmosphere for a working environment. Thus setting free
more space in mind.
The house is not so old, but its details give an ancient feeling—window
frames, inscribed board, Queti, color painting, and moss on brick wall.These
things make the time slower, reminding us slow down the working pace. The vivid
color and rich details in courtyard house also tells the fact: architecture is
not abstract. It is exactly the sensation and memory to these details, colors,
and atmosphere make the real architecture alive.
Courtyard house is a typical introversive space with its boundary defined. We
say that by living here physical boundary will help us not to expand blindly.
Well the quiet courtyard can help us to introspect more. In a time while one is
always distracted by outside noise, the introspection to heart is even more
important. The intimate scale of courtyard shortens the distance and makes the
communication among teams closer. Its dispersive layout makes the corners for
independent working possible. The only problem of courtyard house is lack of
storage space. When more and more models produced in studio, we may need to dig
into ground.
Biography of Hua Li
The founder and principal of TAO, Mr. Hua Li received his B. Arch. Degree from
Tsinghua University in 1994 and M. Arch. Degree from Yale University in 1999.
He has worked for Westfourth Architecture and Herbert Beckhard Frank Richlan &
Associate in New York. In 2003 he moved to China and started his own practice
in Beijing. In 2009, he established TAO. Hua Li’s design works and interviews
have been published by numerous architectural media including T+A, WA, domus,
AREA, A+U, MD, Wallpaper, Abitare, Space, AV, Casabella, Architectural Review
and Architectural Record.
Hua Li has also taught at Central Academy of Fine Arts as a visiting professor
and been a visiting critic at School of Architecture in Tsinghua University
since 2005.
后曾工作于纽约Herbert Beckhard & Frank Richlan建筑设计事务所。2003年回到北京开
始独立建筑实践,2009年创立TAO迹. 建筑事务所。华黎主持建成的设计作品及访谈获得了
时代建筑、世界建筑、建筑学报、domus,AREA,A+U,Abitare, AV, Space, Casabella,
Architectural Review, Architectural Record等国内外建筑媒体的报道。华黎曾受邀在
2012 Architectural Record “Good Design is Good Business” China Awards, Best Public project, Honor Award, Xiaoquan Elementary School,
2012 Architectural Record “Good Design is Good Business” China Awards, Best Public project, Honor Award, Museum of Handcraft Paper
2011 UED Museum Architecture Award, Museum of Handcraft Paper
2010 Nominee CAMA Award, Young Architect Award
2011/09  UED博物馆建筑设计优秀奖 高黎贡手工造纸博物馆
2010/12  华黎获第二届中国传媒建筑奖青年建筑师奖提名
Main Publications
2006  domus and 78 Chinese Architects/ Designers
2007/7 WA, design works and interview with Li Hua
2008/6 T+A Changmeng Care Center Dining Hall, Beijing
2008  Architects — Made In China
2009/3 AREA Perception of Li Hua’s “Universal Architecture”
2009  Un_Natural  Rock Chair and Interview
2009/12 MD Exemplary Metamorphosis
2010/7 A+U Li Hua/TAO Architect’s Office– Refurbishment of a Warehouse
2011/1 T+A Museum of Handcraft Paper, Yunnan
2011/5 domus Rebuilding of XiaoQuan Ethnic Elementary School
2011/6 Architectural Journal  Trace of Construction, Museum of Handcraft Paper
2011/6 Casabella  China Tale, Gaoligong Museum
2011/7 Urban China    The Aboriginal Architecture
2011/7 Architectural Journal  Micro-city, XiaoQuan Ethnic Elementary School
2011/9 Space  Museum of Handcraft Paper
2011/10 Abitare Mini City
2012/04 XXI Xiaoquan Elementary School
2012/04 Architectural Review Museum of Handcraft Paper
2012/05 Surface Talent-Architecture
2012/07 Architectural Record 2012 Good Design is Good Business China Awards
2012  Green Architecture Now vol.2, (Taschen), Philip Jodidio
2012  Concrete Architecture & Design (Braun) Manuela Roth
2006     domus 与78位中国建筑师| 设计师
2007/07  WA世界建筑  华黎 设计作品及访谈
2008/12  T+A时代建筑  常梦关爱中心小食堂
2008     Architects — Made In China
2009/03  AREA域杂志 华黎的建筑观
2009/12  MD  Exemplary Metamorphosis
2010/07  A+U  Hua Li/ TAO Architect’s Office
2010/11  Wallpaper  Top 20 Reasons to be in China
2011/01  T+A时代建筑  高黎贡手工造纸博物馆
2011/05  domus  微缩之城——四川孝泉民族小学灾后重建
2011/06  建筑学报  建造的痕迹,云南高黎贡手工造纸博物馆
2011/6   Casabella  China Tale, Gaoligong Museum手工造纸博物馆
2011/07  城市中国  原乡建筑
2011/07  建筑学报  微型城市——四川德阳孝泉民族小学灾后重建
2011/09  Space  手工造纸博物馆
2011/10  Abitare住杂志  微型城市——孝泉民族小学
2011/11  UED城市.环境.设计  华黎/TAO迹.建筑事务所专题介绍“还原与呈现”
2011/11  T+A时代建筑  断裂与延续,孝泉民族小学
2011     AV   MADE IN CHINA,高黎贡手工造纸博物馆
2012/01  建筑学报  水边会所
2012/04  XXI  孝泉民族小学
2012/04  建筑评论Architectural Review  高黎贡手工造纸博物馆
2012/0506 Surface  Talent-Architecture
2012/07  建筑实录Architectural Record “好设计创造好效益”中国奖
Exhibitions and lectures
2012/07 Datum International Architectural Design Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Hua Li Lecture: Architecture In-situ
2012/04 Homecoming Symposium, Hong Kong University School of Architecture, Hua Li Lecture: TAO’s Rural Practice
2011 Chengdu Architectural Biennale Exhibition
Holistic Realm: Landscape/Urbanism/ Architecture,
TAO’s practice—- Origin and Presence; Streetacre City, East Village
Domus talk series, Lecture: Architecture-Rebuilding of Memory, Beijing, 2011/10
UED Museum Design Forum, HUA Li lecture, 2011
Architecture Odyssey, HUA Li Lecture at CAFA School of Architecture, Beijing, 2009/11
Un_Natural Exhibition, Rock Chair, Beijing, 2009/04
Forum of Biennale by AREA, HUA Li Lecture: In-Site Architecture Beijing, 2008/10
Post Residential Culture, Domus talk series, HUA Li Lecture: In-between Living, Beijing, 2008/07
Forum on “Rebuilding after the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan”, Chengdu, HUA Li Lecture: Thoughts on Reconstruction, 2008/06
The 2nd Architecture Biennale Beijing, “The works of the International Young Architects and Students”, 2006/10
2012/07  Datum International Architectural Design Conference, Malaysia,
2012/05  双廊公益论坛,云南大理
2012/04  Homecoming Symposium, Hong Kong University
华黎在香港大学建筑学院举行的Homecoming 研讨会上做题为“TAO乡村实践”的演讲
2011/10  2011成都双年展-国际建筑展《物我之境:田园/城市/建筑》
2011/10  Domus下午茶讲座,华黎演讲:建筑——记忆重构,北京,798
2011/06  UED“博物馆建筑设计沙龙”,华黎演讲,北京
2009/11 “建筑奥德赛” 中央美术学院建筑学院 华黎 演讲, 北京
2009/04  Un_natural “不自然”展览,华黎作品岩石椅,北京
2008/10  Area域杂志中国创刊论坛, 北京
2008/07 后居住文化,Domus讲座,华黎演讲:两种居住之间, 北京
2008/06 汶川地震灾后重建——建筑行动, 建筑论坛,成都
Gaoligong Museum of Handcraft Paper, 2010, completed 云南高黎贡手工造纸博物馆,2010,已建成
To link to Gaoligong Museum of Handcraft Paper please click




XiaoQuan Elementary School, 2011, completed 四川德阳孝泉镇民族小学灾后重建,2011,已建成
To link to XiaoQuan Elementary School please click




Riverside Clubhouse, 2011, completed 水边会所,2011,已建成
To link to Riverside Clubhouse please click





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