Being Together / John Clang


Project Specs

an image from the series 'be here now' by john clang, 2012
'paris (and, projected, singapore): stephanie chi-weng tsui; her mothr, alexia
wai-chun tye: alexia-s partner, pierre de fouquet'
非常感谢John Clang将项目介绍和项目图片授权gooood发行。
Appreciation towards John Clang for providing the following description:
wetport, connecticut (and singapore): deedee lim; her brother boonleng lim, and
his wife, yi chen; their children, eolantha and bryan lim; deedee's mother,
tionghua koh; deedee's sister, meideelim, and her husband, terence oh; their
children, gavyn and lenard oh'
Being Together, 2010 – 2012
In this series, webcam was used to do live recording of families in Singapore. The
recording was then transmitted via skype to countries where the main sitters are
located and projected onto their living space. This is how families, dis(membered)
through time and space, can be re(membered) and made whole again through the use
of a third space, a site that is able to reassemble them together within the
photographic space that we call a family portrait.
Drawing upon my own experiences of being separated from my family as a New York-
based Singaporean, this work documents and examines our condition of new-wave
diaspora – Singaporean families of various races and ethnicities grappling with
the same predicament of separation through time and space.
I also want this project to document and interpret a contemporary social-
historical blueprint as it happens, allowing the future generations to reflect on
In addition, this is also an extension of one of the recurring theme of my works:
the fascination with the expressions of time and space and how we negotiate our
human existences within these two dimensions. this work specifically addresses the
phenomenon of differing time zones, the different dimensions of our human
representations, and how we can finally coexist, albeit in pixilated and two-
dimensional forms.
John Clang is represented by Pekin Fine Arts and  is preparing for his solo show at
the National Museum of Singapore in early 2013.
'hong kong (and singapore): back row: brandon wong and his wife, belinda leong;
belinda's brother, donald leong; front row: donald's daughter, jeanette leong;
belinda's mother and father, helen ang and robert leong; belinda's sister, jessie
leong, and her daughter megan marsh'
'tokyo (and singapore): ros lee; her brother, kelvin lee, and his wife, hazuki lee
nakano; ros's mother and father, tan gek kee and lee choong kean; ros's sister,
melissa lee'
'bellevue, washington (and singapore): edwin goh; his sisters alvina goh and siew
lin goh; their parents, per ching goh and pe chou sui; edwin's sister alina goh
and her husband, justin woo'
'new york (and singapore): john clang(汪春龙), the photographer for this project; his
parents, ang ching seong and NG gek choo; his brother, joe ang; and, in the chat
window on the laptop at the bottom of the photo, john-s wife, elin tew'

'london (and singapore): simon milward and jacqueline lim (husband and wife) and
their son, oscar milward; jacqueline's sister gwendoline lim; jacqueline and
gwendoline's parents, irene lim and cheng hoe lim'

'seattle (and singapore): lee siew tim and chua chim sim, her son'

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