Chromatic Play / Juana Canet arquitectos


Project Specs



非常感谢Juana Canet arquitectos将项目介绍和项目图片授权gooood发行。
Appreciation towards Juana Canet arquitectos for providing the following description:
• Type:    Multipurpose classroom primary school
• Location:   Housing development in Bendinat, Mallorca
• Team:    Juana Canet arquitectos;
• Client:   Hermanos de la Sagrada Familia (SAFA)
• Constractor:   NACAM s.l.
• Surface:   167,98 m2
• Contract value:  208.198,20 €
• Data:    Completed September 2011
The project responds to the idea of extending the school with a multipurpose
room in an adjacent plot which should be connected internally and have an
independent entrance from the street.
The plot is rectangular in a 4:1 proportion and the aim is to have a whole 7
meter span open space with natural light and crossed ventilation. In order to
achieve that the façade will have to provide as much light as possible and
skylights will need to be incorporated in the roofing and on top of the
internal staircase. The multipurpose room will be connected in two different
levels with the school, at ground level through an ascendant staircase and at
roofing level through a descending ramp.
The floor plan of the new mulipurpose room is going to be organised from the
partition wall to the street with an area to place the ascending staircase, a
service area with toilets and finally the playing space. The interior is dyed
by the chromatic play of the coloured glassed façade which allows cross
ventilation through openable windows inserted in it in connection with the
coloured skylight on top of the staircase. It also gives privacy to the
interior and dyes the sidewalk with its reflections.
The roofing area is used as exterior playground for the children. This area is
designed to be sun protected by  a movable fabric canopy that projects shadow
on it, it is hold up on cables and a light steel structure.
In terms of materials, the façade is made by two different elements, the
resistant one which is in contact with the floor and is going to hold up the
coloured glass wall which encloses the ground and the first floor courtyard
level. The interior materials are designed in order to absorb as much noise as
possible to avoid sound reverberation from the children, to get that the
suspended ceiling is made by insulation panels, the walls are cladded with cork
boards and the flooring with continuos linolem. The flooring of the rooing is
made by in situ coloured rubber.


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