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非常感谢Markus Linnenbrink将项目介绍和项目图片授权gooood发行。
Appreciation towards Markus Linnenbrink for providing the following description: 
DIEDRITTEDIMENSION 2011, epoxyresin and pigments on floor,
acrylic and pigments on walls and ceiling, 2,40 m x 2,50 m x 45,00 m
Justiz Vollzugsanstalt Duesseldorf Rath, Besuchertunnel
PrisonDuesseldorf Rath, Visitors Tunnel
about  DIEDRITTEDIMENSION a wall floor and ceiling painting installation
The Duesseldorf JVA (prison) visitors tunnel connects the entry with the visiting area. The
tunnel contains a painting of different colored stripes with differing widths and changing
colors. These bundles of stripes cover the floor, the walls and part of the ceiling.
The stripes accompany the visitors moving through the tunnel from start to finish, entering
and exiting. They create an image of moving colors parallel to the actual movement of the
visitor. Stepping through the tunnel means stepping through an ever changing, surrounding
The entry area starts with a bundle of thin colorful stripes on the floor. Progressing
through the tunnel, these stripes accumul at ewidth until they conquer both walls on either
side of the hallway. At the end of the tunnel, the visitor is surrounded by color.
After leaving the visiting area, the visitors are greeted by a bundle of thin stripes
located on the opposite side of the entry door to the tunnel. These stripes lead the
visitors to the exit/entry area of the prison. The stripes gain width through out the tunnel
as well, covering a portion of the tunnel ceiling before moving to the wall which they
almost fully occupy before they finally drop to the floor.
Two perspectives built out of assembled stripes develop from these movements:one leads into
the JVA/prison, the other guides the way out. Both create an undividable image, poured into
the tunnel’ sarchi tecture.
In this way, the painting connects a bigger meaning to the space that the prison occupies in
society. It create sperspective for the inmates during their time inside as well as creating
a possibility for more perspective when they leave prison.
The actual painting iscreated to have over layering drips from top to bottom, this way
thecolors of all areas are connect edvertically and horizontally. These drips find their
counterparts in splashes of paint, brushstrokes and other types of visible proof of work. In
addition, all stripes change color through out their course from start to finish,
communication between colors appear, neighborhoods of certain colors create them selves,
multiple dialogue soccur, like blue intensifying orange,the same viceversa, and so on.
There sult is an intensely charged painting through out the space it occupies. This can
transfer moving through the tunnel into a visual and intellectual challenge and joy.
The tunnel-painting is defined by constant change, just like life.
markuslinnenbrink, october 2011



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  1. 囚犯会想到多种可能性这种东西吗?他们能明白艺术家要表达的吗?个人感觉这里就是压抑,不会有过多的精力去审美。

  2. 还没看到介绍文字而看到这条通道图片的时候我就感觉精神压力陡增,我非常怀疑犯人走过这样一条充满精神刺激和迷乱感的通道后会是怎样一种思维状态。个人认为这个设计有些想当然了。

  3. 这样的探索真应该多些 可能不成熟 但很有意义

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