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非常感谢设计方Heatherwick studio将项目介绍和项目图片授权gooood发行。
Appreciation towards Heatherwick studio for providing the following description:
Pacific Place is a 650,000 m² luxury shopping and entertainment complex in the
centre of Hong Kong. The shopping mall forms a podium for four towers that provide
high specification office space, four five star hotels, serviced apartments and gourmet
dining destinations. It is an important and iconic development that sets the standard
for shopping in Hong Kong.
Built in the late 1980s, Pacific Place’s finishes and feel had become old and outdated,
and in order to contemporise the centre and maintain its high standards within a
fiercely competitive market, the studio was commissioned to undertake a major review
and refurbishment of the complex. The brief encompassed the entire development on
every level and at every scale: from working closely with graphic designers to develop a
new brand through the interior design, to a full exterior facelift of the facades of the podium
and external works, as well as new stand-alone buildings and a pedestrian footbridge.
From concept to completion the studio took a rigorous approach, ensuring both the
quality of the design and finish met the expectations of the brief.
By rethinking the existing spaces and materiality, the studio was able to enhance user
experience and confirm the development as a premier destination in the city. The interior
was softened and warmed through the use of sweeping curves and natural materials, and
navigation was simplified through better signage and opened up sightlines.  Dated, tinted,
pyramid skylights were replaced with walkable, three-dimensionally patterned skylights.
These illuminate the mall with dappled shadows and open up the podium roofscape to
provide a new public space that is surrounded by stone benches and planters with thick,
lush vegetation.  A cafe and restaurant sit within the transformed landscape, curved glass
elevators slice through the podium, and a richly textured Bedonia stone facade envelopes
the building cementing its new identity.


5 评论

  1. 这家设计公司好喜欢用曲线面

  2. 马路牙子都这么酷炫。

  3. 这么棒的地方,居然数次路过,却没进去~[al狂泪]

  4. N年前去过,这次翻新确实不错,现代感十足。那个天花是亮点。

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