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这是Nick Sayers基于IQ灯结构系统制作的灯,使用了270张扑克,扑克相互卡住,形成一个优美的
球体。非常漂亮。更多点击Nick Sayers的
非常感谢设计方Nick Sayers将项目介绍和项目图片授权gooood发行。
Appreciation towards Nick Sayers for providing the following description: 
Sphere made from 270 poker playing cards slotted together (that's five packs, including jokers,
with 1,080 slots cut into them all!). The structure is based on the IQ Light system, although I
haven't seen this 270-piece configuration before.
Designed and made as part of a competition for Gcasino Brighton.
I ended up cutting the slots using a DIY bandsaw – basically a power jigsaw stuck blade-up on the
bottom of a makeshift saw bench. A whole project in itself. Pics to follow, perhaps.



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  2. 大学生活时候,那群赌徒怎么没遇见这个呢[酷]

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