KLOSTER by Torsten Ottesjö

Beautiful complex biomorphology project.

Project Specs


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KLOSTER是Torsten Ottesjö在瑞典西海岸一片窄土上设计的项目。两年前,他开始有选择性的清除场地上的树木,为了建立去一个条向远方峡湾的完美远景。最后的希望实现的场景是:茂林之缘,展望无尽天涯,近前是悠然的牛羊吃草。


项目是两栋小屋,独占62英亩的奢华场地。它们像树叶那样卷曲,分别获得晨午的阳光和日落的阳光。光线在这里戏剧化的漫游和变化。Torsten Ottesjö希望将这个美丽的复杂生物形态项目完美的融入环境,并成为一个中心,可以是会面地,宴会聚餐地,或者是夏季住宅。具有多种可能性。这是一个和景观,和生活密切关联的小屋项目。


KLOSTER is a strip of land on the west coast of Sweden designed by Torsten Ottesjö. Two years ago he selectively cut trees from the landscape to create a vision for what the rolling southern ends of the scandinavian fjords could look like. He wanted to open up the landscape to provide an experience, to selectively allow trees to flourish to over time create a place which accentuated the rolling characteristic of the landscape. The idea is that cattle would be allowed to freely graze, slowly transforming the former forest floor to a grassland and with fertile gardens.

Situated on this 62 acre property, Torsten Ottesjo together with Christian Strömqvist and David Relan have conceptualized an idea of luxury. Two houses are situated above a slope leading down to a dock and private beach, and are aligned to incorporate the ideal light conditions for the morning and scandinavian evenings respectively. The structure of the complex is the curling of a leaf – a single surface extended above itself.

It is the extension of a floor into a building. Buildings which are built facing the rise and fall of the light in summer. Windows which will diffuse light in at all times of the day and the play of perspectives. Kloster is an idea – built for a new class, a new market – It is complex, beautiful, biomorphic. It considers its environment and can house physical manifestations of online networks. It is a centre, a place where we believe that networks of people could meet during conferences, banquet dinners, residencies or summer residences, which would allow for the understanding of what a house placed within a landscape could be. The aim is to provide a means of inspiration. Kloster can be adjusted to any needs, but maintains its place, it’s context. It is an environment – landscape and housing – designed for how we move, and how we may meet and we believe that considering these factors might change the depth of the meeting. Cluster is a new opportunity for connected living.








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