410 OFFSHORE BORKUM by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects

Floating above the dunes

Project Specs


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As part of the urban development of Borkum-Reede a series of compact and architecturally sophisticated residential units are being created in the northern part of the harbor for workers in the offshore sector.

▼项目概览,overall of the project © Piet Niemann


The quarter, which includes personnel accommodation, retail space and high quality social areas, enjoys an exclusive location on the old naval harbor at the southern tip of the island and is making a key contribution to the revival of the area. The form, materiality and positioning of the design concept refer to the topographical characteristics of the location.

▼坡屋顶的双层住宅单元,Double-storey residential unit with pitched roof © Piet Niemann

▼浅色的木制外立面结构与沙地融为一体,The light-coloured wooden facade structure blends in with the sand © Piet Niemann


The buildings, most of which have two stories and a pitched roof, enhance and structure the development in a way that is typical for the locality. The shaping of the site will increase the level of flood protection. The generously laid out external areas empathies with the landscape of the surrounding dunes, above which the buildings appear to float.

▼住宅单元入口,entrance of the residential unit © Piet Niemann

The height difference of the site makes the building seem to float above the dunes © Piet Niemann

the terrace in front of the entrance serves as a social gathering place for workers © Piet Niemann

▼立面细部,detail of the facade © Piet Niemann


The brick façades, with their inset block windows and applied loggias, shape the external appearance of the residential blocks while timber slats, which are positioned at rhythmic intervals along the loggias, structure the built volumes.

▼室内概览,overall of interior © Piet Niemann

▼区位图,location plan © DMAA

▼总平面图,site plan © DMAA

▼底层平面图,ground floor plan © DMAA

▼立面图,elevations © DMAA

Address:Am Nordufer 29, Ostkaje 4 Borkum, Reede Competition
Study:Nov 2017
Start of planning:2018
Start of construction:2019
Gross surface area:8000 m²
Construction volume:24655 m3
Site area:18600 m²
Number of levels:2
Costs:€ 4,5 Mio.
Project manager:Eva Schrade
Project team:Birgit Miksch Antonella Amesberger
Executive planning GME, Achim
General Contractor Kamü Bau, Bremen
Construction management
GME, Achim
Landscape Architects Horeis + Blatt Partner- schaft mbB, Bremen
Structural engineering Knebel und Partner, Bremen
Thermal building physics
BRB Bauen, Ottersberg
HVACR/ Electrics Ecotec GmbH, Bremen
Photographer:Piet Niemann, Hamburg

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