2013 MAD Travel Fellowship winners announced

Support talented Chinese students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to travel abroad

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Since 2009 MAD Architects organized the Travel Fellowship to support talented Chinese students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to travel abroad. This year, we received hundreds of applications from undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students from cities and towns across China. Each of this year’s recipients showed an intuitive understanding of the meaning of travel: that first-hand experience of a place is essential to comprehending its full significance.

To date, 20 students have traveled to countries including Greece, Egypt, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Germany and the United States. This summer 5 more will have this invaluable opportunity, and we look forward to their reports upon their return.
This year’s recipients are as follows:

▽李斯奇_天津大学建筑学院_硕士2012级_目的地:西班牙Li Siqi_ Tianjin University_ Graduate_ Destination: Spain

▽黄耀俊_中南大学建筑与艺术学院_本科2009级_目的地:埃及,Huang Yaojun_ Central South University_ Undergraduate_ Destination: Egypt

▽王思怡_中央美术学院建筑学院 _本科2010级_目的地:瑞士,Wang Siyi_ Central Academy of Fine Arts_ Undergraduate_ Destination: Switzerland

▽董笑笑_清华大学建筑学院_硕士2012级 _目的地:葡萄牙,Dong Xiaoxiao_ Tsinghua University_ Graduate_ Destination: Portugal

▽陈析浠_哈尔滨工业大学建筑学院_本科2009级_ 目的地:德国,Chen Xixi_ Harbin Institute Of Technology_ Undergraduate_ Destination: Germany


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