19-055 Renovation C+G by DESK architectes

Evoke the potential of typical 80s split-level house

Project Specs


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In context

项目坐落于魁北克Longueuil老城区的边缘,是典型的八十年代错层式住宅,自建造以来,住宅内部从未有过任何变动,如今为了更好地适应新住户的生活需求,DESK architectes事务所对其底层空间与地下室进行了全面的改造。项目的业主是一对来自蒙特利尔的年轻夫妇,他们既希望能够近距离享受到蒙特利尔商业中心的便捷,同时又能够享受到僻静郊区住宅的生活品质。

Located on the edge of Vieux-Longueuil, this typical 80s split-level had remained virtually unchanged since its construction. This residence deserved a makeover to properly accommodate its new occupants; a couple of young Montrealers wishing to enjoy the qualities of an isolated suburban house while remaining close to the Montreal business center.

▼室内概览,overall of the project © Maxime Brouillet


The mandate


The mandate was to design the complete interior renovation of the building. The kitchen, bathroom, and master bedroom had to be completely reshaped. It was necessary not only to replace all the interior finishes but also to create a significant new aesthetic by magnifying the intrinsic qualities of the building and by optimizing the functional relationship between rooms.

▼住宅外观,exterior of the house © Maxime Brouillet


The project


The architectural concept takes advantage of the typical characteristics of a split-level ground floor. The living room of these buildings is generally a long open space, lacking in a spatial hierarchy. The concept, therefore, proposes to organize the space, without partitioning it, by adding metal claustra and blocks of built-in furniture. Thus, these dark elements are oriented so as to emphasize the link from the front to the back of the room. They frame the views and traffic from the entrance to the terrace without obstructing them.

entrance porch © Maxime Brouillet

▼黑色的金属格栅屏风分隔出玄关空间,Black metal grille screen marks the porch space © Maxime Brouillet


The staircase linking the living room to the kitchen served as an opportunity to create, on the living room side, an architectural bench made of white oak in continuity with the steps of the stairs. On the dining room side, a short drywall act as a railing that hides the table from the living room while keeping the visual relationship between the two levels.

▼典型的错层空间,typical split-level © Maxime Brouillet

▼客厅,living room © Maxime Brouillet

detail of the steps and the metal grille screen © Maxime Brouillet


The kitchen, formerly organized in a “U” shape, has been completely reconfigured. Two large blocks of integrated built-in now face each other to frame a vast functional island. The new configuration of the kitchen provides more storage spaces and freed up the rear wall to allow wider openings to the backyard.

▼厨房,the kitchen © Maxime Brouillet

▼厨房后部的墙面被打开,The wall at the back of the kitchen was opened © Maxime Brouillet

▼厨房中岛与壁柜,Kitchen with island and closet © Maxime Brouillet

▼厨房餐厅细部,details of the kitchen © Maxime Brouillet


The bathroom has been reconfigured to create two distinct areas; the light zone combines the vanity, the medicine cabinet, and the bath while the dark zone combines the toilet and an Italian shower.

▼浴室,the bathroom © Maxime Brouillet

the Italian shower © Maxime Brouillet


总结 – 错层式住宅改造
Enhancing a Split-Level


DESK architectes designed the complete interior renovation of this split-level in Vieux-Longueuil as an opportunity to enhance the architectural quality of a typical suburbs residence. The Renovation C+G is a rehabilitation exercise of a typical suburban split-level. It reveals the potential hiding in older houses in a real estate market where new constructions are often preferred.

▼底层平面图,ground floor plan © DESK architectes

▼地下室平面图,basement plan © DESK architectes

Project: residential renovation
Client: Private
Location: Longueuil, Quebec, Canada
Budget:  $ 180,000
Number of levels: 2
Area: 2,010 ft2 (187 m2)
Architects: DESK architectes
Project managers: Etienne Duclos & Kévin Sylvain
General contractor: Projets H.E.T.A.
Cabinetmaker: Ébénisterie ALD
Flooring: Unik Parquet
Photographer:  Maxime Brouillet
Chronology: Design 2019 / Construction 2019-2020 / Completed 2020

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