107 Cambridge by Elenberg Fraser

Elegant apartment residences converted from old warehouses

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身穿印有“改变是不可避免的”(change is inevitable)的T恤衫已经十分老套了,但是在这些乏味的T恤衫标识字句的背后,却描述了一个不争的事实。作为建筑师,意味着要不断以积极而有意义的方式去实现改变。带着对过去和未来的同等尊敬,位于Collingwood的剑桥街107号公寓接受了这一挑战。

It seems trite to trot out the over-worn truism ‘change is inevitable’: but behind those bland t-shirt logo words stands unyielding fact. The implicit challenge, as architects, is how to effect change in a positive and meaningful way? Honouring the past while whole-heartedly saluting the future, 107 Cambridge Street, Collingwood takes that challenge on the chin. 

▼公寓外观,external view

▼建筑的前身是百货楼的厂房和仓库,the project is located in the former factories and warehouses of Foy & Gibson

该项目坐落于Foy&Gibson百货的前厂房和仓库内部,是澳大利亚历史的一部分。墨尔本的第一家百货公司Foy&Gibson曾是南部城市发展计划中的一部分,有着独具魅力的19世纪风格,它所位于的史密斯街沿用了巴黎和美国的一些新潮的街道名称,并很快传播到澳大利亚许多其他城市。附近由William Pitt设计的工业建筑同样十分优雅,它们的红砖立面已经成为Collingwood的标志性建筑,而Collingwood现在是墨尔本最受欢迎的内陆城区之一。

Located in the former factories and warehouses of Foy & Gibson, this project shares a part of Australia’s history. Melbourne’s first department store, Foy & Gibson was part of the southern capital’s coming of age – a glamourous 19th century style temple on Smith Street that drew on the chic addresses in Paris and the United States, which soon spread into many other Australian cities. The nearby industrial facilities were no less elegant, designed by William Pitt, their red-brick facades have been landmark buildings in Collingwood – now one of Melbourne’s most desired inner-city neighbourhoods – ever since.

▼公寓与红砖立面的工业建筑相邻,the apartment is near the industrial facilities with red facades

如今,Elenberg Fraser和开发商Gurner TM也在这里留下了自己的印记,将剑桥大街的这些仓库改造成了时尚的公寓住宅。像早先的Mark Foy一样,设计师们在全世界的优秀案例中寻找灵感——纽约的肉库区(Meatpacking District)为之提供了一个当代阁楼生活方式的典范。但与其模仿已有的案例,设计师更希望创造一个现代建筑的对照,使其能够与历史建筑的形式形成鲜明对比,同时在细节层面上达到相同的高度。最终,建筑师打造了白色的介入物——一种看似简单的添加,近看则会发现是精致的折叠屏障,使人联想到日本的艺术形式,并与相邻错综复杂的砌砖相得益彰。呈对角线的飘逸姿态为纯色的表面增加了动感,并在建筑体块上形成锯齿状的缺口。

Now, Elenberg Fraser with developer Gurner TM, have put their own mark on this site, converting the Cambridge Street warehouses into sleek apartment residences. Like Mark Foy before us, we looked to international paragons for inspiration – New York City’s meatpacking district served as a model for contemporary, loft-style living. Rather than compete with the ornate heritage shell, we wanted to create a modern architectural counterpart, that would at once harmonise with the level of detail while offering contrast with the historic built form. The answer is a crisp, white intervention – a deceptively simple addition that upon closer inspection reveals delicate folded screens, reminiscent of Japanese art forms and matching the intricacy of the neighbouring brickwork. Scored diagonally, this fluttering gesture adds movement to the monochrome surface and indents and perforates the massing, which is broken up between the podium and upper level architecture.

▼白色立面加入了精致的折屏和对角线元素,delicate folded screens and diagonal elements are integrated into the facade


Entering the building, residents are ensconced in the moody confines of a dark wood-lined (this will change) library and mailroom, complete with chesterfields, forming a communal entrance lounge. A mirrored wall adds an extra dimension, amplifying the space. We have emphasised the trademark volume of warehouse apartments – high ceilings and large, glass windows to pull in light, as well as flexible, modular spatial configurations. A predominantly monochrome palette adds to the sense of space and light, accented with detailing in industrial black metalwork and glints of aged brass.

▼客厅,living area

▼仓库建筑固有的高天花板带来充足采光,high ceilings and large glass windows bring daylight


▼餐厅,dining area

▼随处可见的黑色框架和黄铜金属元素,the monochrome palette is accented with detailing in industrial black metalwork and glints of aged brass

公寓也包含着许多带有设计师个人风格的物件。形式上的重复让人们想起“现场雕塑”,比如Anish Kapoor的镜像艺术品。在厨房的黄铜手柄和浴室的镜子处都可以看到悬浮的圆形元素,悬浮的管状物则为盥洗盆提供支撑。围绕框架建造的定制细木工创造出实用而优雅的“空间物体”,它们并非实体,而是可以穿透的,比如餐桌和附带的座椅,以及通高的储藏柜。金属的细节也互相形成对比,如黑色的金属框架环绕着镶有黄铜的门。

The apartments also contain many of our own, distinctive touches. Repetition of form recalls ‘sculptures in the field’ such as Anish Kapoor’s mirrored public objects. Floating circles can be found in brass handles in the kitchen to bathroom mirrors, while suspended tubes support the vanity unit. Bespoke joinery is built around frames, creating useful and elegant ‘objects in space’ that are permeable rather than monolithic, such as the kitchen bench cum dining table, and full-height storage. Metallic details play with contrast: black metal frames surround perforated brass doors.




▼就坐空间,seating area


Project size: 5886 m2
Site size: 2022 m2
Completion date: 2016

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