Zodiac plates by Damian O’Sullivan

Constellation,pocelain made of the age-old Chinese rice-grain technique

Project Specs

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Appreciation towards Damian O’Sullivan for providing the following description:


这些盘子的灵感来自于Achille Castiglione的出生牌和 medals and Le Corbusier的 Firminy 教堂。技术则是采用中国悠久的米刻技术(中国通称玲珑瓷)先在生坯上按图案设计的花形,镂刻一个个小米孔,使之两壁洞透,有如扇扇小窗;然后糊上特制的透明釉,就像窗户糊纸一样;再通体施釉 。经过焙烧,镂花处明彻透亮,但不洞不漏。这系列餐盘是美丽的作品,也会是很棒的礼物,更是星座爱好者的收藏佳品。

These plates were inspired in part by Achille Castiglione’s birth medals and Le Corbusier’s Firminy chapel. The means by which this effect has been created is that of the age-old Chinese rice-grain technique. The holes are then filled during the glazing which leaves small transparent holes after they come out of the kiln.



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