Zhejiang Art Museum, China by CCTN Design

White walls and black tiles,showing a kind of Chinese southern cultural charm

Project Specs


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The museum is located between Yuhuang Mountains and West Lake with scattered landscapes; the museum is built by people, yet it looks like a splendid work of nature.
Poised like a modern ink painting that has been accomplished with a single stroke, the Zhejiang Art Museum expresses the modern Chinese aesthetic within the narrative context of Jiangnan’s misty rain scenery.

▼烟雨迷蒙中的美术馆、雷峰塔和西湖,the art museum in the foggy rain with Leifeng Pagoda and the west Lake



▼外观,exterior view

▼屋顶细部,roof detail


▼现代材料技术、现代的审美取向——表达江南建筑的文化韵味,modern materials and techniques, and a modern aesthetic orientation serve to express the individual cultural characteristics of Jiangnan architecture

The Zhejiang Art Museum boasts a superb natural environment, nestled comfortably near the banks of the beautiful West Lake at the foot of the verdant Yuhuang Mountain.
The museum’s design sought to find the synesthesia between Chinese calligraphy, ink paintings, the traditional architecture of the wider Jiangnan region (south of the Yangtze River), and classical Western sculpture, so as to achieve a harmony and unity of the natural and human environments, with modern aesthetic ideas. The mass of the architecture is spread out along the shape of the mountain and extends gradually to the lake so that the rhythmic rising and falling profile of the building stretches in concert with the mountain, and merges into the background of the natural environment.The black-colored roof components stand in contrast to the pale-white wall, and the construction technique of using multiple alternating sloping crests seems to subtly express Jiangnan architectural features, in a delicate space between likeness and unlikeness, where the cultural quality and meaning of Jiangnan culture is unveiled as if in an ink painting. Meanwhile, the structure still manages to retain an aesthetic sense of modernity and sculpturalism by using steel, hollow laminated glass, stone, and other modern materials; by applying modern techniques; and through the use of the transitional pyramidal roofs in alternating patterns, gently clashing with the horizontal blocks of the architecture.

▼下沉广场,the sunken plaza

▼主入口,main entrance


White walls, black tiles and interlaced slant roofs make a color contrast with black and white, showing a kind of Chinese southern cultural charm.
Modern materials and techniques, and a modern aesthetic orientation serve to express the individual cultural characteristics of Jiangnan architecture.
Jiangnan in misty rain–The artists sought for a synthesis of Chinese calligraphy, ink paintings, sloping crests, the local natural environment, and Western abstract sculpture.
Hills shrouded in mist: both the poetic and picturesque are united through the modern Chinese aesthetic ideal.

▼阳光洒入中央大厅,the central hall filled with light and shadow movements



▼室内夜景,interior night view

▼入口水院,entrance garden

▼雪景,snow scene

▼夕阳中的美术馆,museum under setting sun

▼设计草图,design sketch

▼场地平面图,site plan

▼一层平面图,plan level 1

▼二层平面图,plan level 2

▼三层平面图,plan level 3

▼四层平面图,plan level 4


项目名称: 浙江美术馆
建筑事务所: 筑境设计
事务所网站: www.acctn.com
电邮联系方式: mengli_zhong@acctn.com
主创建筑师: 程泰宁
项目详细地址: 中国·浙江·杭州
建筑面积(平方米): 31550 平方米(地下15338 平方米)
摄影师: 筑境设计,姚力
Architect’ Firm: CCTN Design
Website: http://www.acctn.com/
Contact e-mail: mengli_zhong@acctn.com
Lead Architects: Cheng Taining
Project location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China
Completion Year: 2008
Gross Built Area (square meters):
339,601 ft2 (31,550 m2) (165,097 ft2 [15,338 m2] underground)
Photo credits: CCTN Design,Yao Li
Photographer’s website:
Other participants (eg. collaborators, clients, consultants, etc):
(in ‘first name last name’ order)
Qian Bolin, Wang Dapeng, Zheng Mao’en, Hu Yang, Guo Li (Wu
Jian, Chen Yuantao participated in the proposal)

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