Youth Community Center + by 2001

Multifunctional activity center with significant areas under limited budget

Project Specs


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Appreciation towards 2001 for providing the following description:


In order to respond to demographic growth and the number and density of young inhabitants, the city of Differdange launched a feasibility study for a fourth youth center, implanted on the old football field of the city. Contrary to the existing three, organized inside existing houses or apartments, this center would be newly built, but on a limited budget.

▼建筑外观,external view of the project ©2001


As a result of a consulting phase studying demand and supply, a concept was developed proposing the availability of space as main theme; as pedagogical tool, as means of personal development, as an infrastructure for civic life.

▼简洁的建筑为市民提供活动空间,building in a simple style providing activity spaces for the habitants ©2001


To be able to build such a critical amount of space with the given budget, industrial building methods were adopted, and seasonal uses concepts developed.

▼分解轴测图,exploded axonometric ©2001


In winter, only the core functions are heated. These functions are located in domestic-sized spaces, boxes built out of massive wood, and insulated to contemporary standards. The boxes are protected by an industrial-sized polycarbonate shell, that generates extra space able to host sports, leisure or cultural activities.

overall view of the space with functional boxes on the two sides and open activity space in the middle ©2001

▼从建筑一端的场地回望整个空间,view to the entire space from the field on the one end of the building ©2001

▼建筑一端的运动场地,sport field on the one end of the building ©2001

▼分隔空间的聚碳酸酯板,polycarbonate panels dividing the space ©2001

▼极限运动场地和细部,space for X-sports and details ©2001


From spring to autumn, the boxes can completely open up to the shell via glazed garage doors that vanish on the boxes’ ceilings.

▼可以完全打开的玻璃车库门,glazed garage door which could be fully open ©2001


The architecture avoids all kinds of finishing: no plasterwork, no paint, no screed, only the structurally necessary is built and qualified. Thus, the surface of the center tripled in size, roughly on the same budget.

▼盒子内的功能空间,相互连通,functional spaces in the boxes open to each other ©2001

▼裸露的结构和设备,exposed structure and equipments ©2001


The result is a one-of-a-kind civic center, a house for young people, a polyvalent tool for all citizens.

▼项目区位,location ©2001

▼平面图,plan ©2001

▼剖面图,section ©2001

PROGRAM: youth community center +
FUNCTIONS: polyvalent spaces, covered skatepark, offices, workshops, bar & lavatories for public park
CLIENT: City of Differdange
LOCATION: Differdange
DATES: 2016-2018
SURFACE: 1100 m2
VOLUME: 6600 m3
BUDGET: 1.460.000 €, 1.327 €/ m2
CONSTRUCTION: solid wood structure, polycarbonat skin

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