Wood Slat Shotgun House by Austigard Arkitektur

Integrate Japanese style space in a Scandinavia house

Project Specs


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The project is an interior renovation of a row house in Nesodden, a peninsula in commuting distance from Oslo. All interior walls have been torn down to create one big room with new, big windows on three sides. New wood slat walls as internal divisions are erected to maintain the feeling of one big room while allowing the subdivision of the space into zones. Zones are emphasized by beams in the roof and barn-style lighting fixtures. Height differences between zones allow for subfloor drawer storage.

▼空间概览,overall view of the space ©Ivan Brodey


The existing floor is kept and refurbished, and wounds in the floor from old walls are filled with new wood. Existing fireplace and stairs to the bedroom floor below are kept as they are, blending in with the new.

▼木板隔墙划分空间,保持空间的完整性,space defined by wooden slat partitions, remaining the characteristic of the one-room space ©Ivan Brodey

▼原有的火炉和新空间融为一体,original fireplace blending into the new space ©Ivan Brodey

▼区域间有高差,形成地板下的储物空间,height differences between zones allowing storage under the floor ©Ivan Brodey

▼寝室和书房,sleeping zone and study ©Ivan Brodey

▼通往下层卧室的楼梯,stair to the lower bedroom ©Ivan Brodey


The house has a raised zone with tatami mats for sitting on the floor. Although sitting on the floor is not a European custom, the zone is very popular with the client’s friends and family who explore its versatility in various social situations.

▼榻榻米空间,tatami space ©Ivan Brodey


Although not a shotgun house in its true sense, the American vernacular was among Scandinavian and Japanese elements a recurring reference in the design process, for its one-room simplicity and straightforward approach on the garden.

▼木板隔墙细部,details of the wooden slat partitions ©Ivan Brodey

▼平面图,plan ©Austigard Arkitektur

▼剖面图,sections ©Austigard Arkitektur

Architect: Austigard Arkitektur   www.austigard.no
Team: Tor O. Austigard, Lars Smedvig, Hanna Kurlovich, João Pedro Faria.
Location: Nesodden, Norway (Oslo region)
Year: 2019
Area: 51 sqm net area
Photo credits: Ivan Brodey
Contractor: Tømrerne Sæbø & Skånseng

Columns: Moelven limtre
Birch veneer panels: Fritzøe
Wood slats: Thaugland
Tatami mats: Futonota

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