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Risk, joy, and a little magic are the essence of a new children’s playground in Sydney’s Centennial Parklands.

▼野趣乐园入口,entrance of WILD PLAY

伊恩波特野趣游乐公园由澳派景观设计工作室设计,在2017年10月由新南威尔士州环境与遗产部部长兼当政府部长Gabrielle Upton宣布正式对外开放。

The Ian Potter Children’s WILD PLAY Garden by ASPECT Studios was officially opened in October 2017 by NSW Minister for the Environment, Local Government and Heritage, Gabrielle Upton.

▼远观野趣乐园,view WILD PLAY from a distance

▼园内具有多样性的空间为游客进行不同活动提供了条件,the diverse spaces provide visitor more opportunities for taking different activities.

▼孩子们的玩耍空间和家长们的看护休息空间相结合,提供了安全感,combine kids’ playing area with rest area for parents that produce a sense of safety for them.


Located within Centennial Parklands Learning Centre, WILD PLAY is designed as a learning experience for kids of all abilities aged 2-12. Its botanical adventure covers 6,500 square metres (roughly the size of a rugby field) with tracks and trails winding through densely planted mounds of shrubs and trees, with existing fig trees incorporated for seating and shade.

▼保留下来的高大乔木为林下活动的游客提供了天然遮荫,retained trees provide shade for visitors who playing under the forest.

▼保留下来的无花果树结合坐凳,为人们提供了林荫下的休憩之地, existing fig trees incorporate with seating offer a natural and comfortable rest area for visitors.


WILD PLAY lets kids adventure through an artesian water basin of creek beds and fountains, tunnel their way through thick bamboo, navigate a balancing course in the form of an ‘eel’, snaking its way around fig trees, or cross a swing bridge and test their mettle climbing a treehouse.

▼平衡木的设置试图增加或测试游客的协调能力,a balancing course for increasing or testing coordinate ability.

▼园内的树屋以供孩子们锻炼毅力,a treehouse for taking exercise and testing kids’ mettle.

▼多样的水景暴露了各年龄段孩子们的亲水天性,the diverse waterscape expose the nature of children at different ages.

“孩子喜欢发现、挑战、运动和冒险。他们在自然中就会很开心,可以玩水、爬树、在水池里跳跃、在树林里捉迷藏。这是我们作为父母的本能告诉我们的,而我们作为设计师则是把这些观察融入工作中。” – 澳派景观总监兼悉尼科技大学副教授Sacha Coles

“Kids like discovery, challenges, movement and adventure. They thrive on being in nature – playing with water, climbing trees, jumping through puddles, hiding in trees. We know this instinctively as parents, and as designers we build these observations into our work,” says Sacha Coles – ASPECT Studios Director and UTS Adjunct Professor.

▼保持天然材料原始性的景观使孩子更亲近自然,the landscape with original natural materials make children be closer to nature.


“The bamboo forest, banksia scrub and caves are about hiding, being engulfed, ducking and weaving. The water play is about immersion, relief, joy and surprise. The treehouse is about the sublime – delightful terror! Pushing yourself to the limit of comfortable risk. And the tunnel is about imagining becoming a burrowing creature!”

▼孩子们可以体验在竹林中穿行,kids can experience walking through the bamboo forest

▼隧道则让孩子们能够体验穴居动物的生活, the tunnel provide opportunities for children to experience becoming a burrowing creature.


Three years in the making, WILD PLAY was created with support from the Ian Potter Foundation, whose Children’s Garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, has been a popular drawcard since opening in 2006, attracting 207,000 visitors into the gardens in 2016 alone. A shared goal between the Foundation, Centennial Parklands and ASPECT Studios is to promote innovation and excellence, with a focus on community health and learning, and in particular – encouraging active, inquisitive kids.

▼园区平面图,site plan

施工:Design Landscapes
顾问团队:Sam Crawford Architects, Cave Urban, Fleetwood Urban, Lindsay Dynan
摄影:Brett Boardman, Esteban La Tessa

Project Information:
Project Title: Ian Potter Children’s WILD PLAY Garden
Location: Centennial Parklands, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Client: Centennial and Moore Park Trust
Year: 2017
Size: 6500m2
Landscape Architect: ASPECT Studios
Builder: Design Landscapes
Additional consultants: Sam Crawford Architects, Cave Urban, Fleetwood Urban, Lindsay Dynan
Photography: Brett Boardman, Esteban La Tessa

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