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荷兰纳尔德维克的韦斯特兰新市政和市政厅两栋建筑于2017年9月27日重新开放。在开幕式上市长Sjaak van der Tak,议员Bram Meijer,Volker Wessels首席执行官Dik Wessels和Volker Wessels总监Piet van der Hoeven参加了剪彩活动。市政厅既是市委会的中心也是城市公共服务与活动的集散场所。两栋建筑均采用透明化的外观,建筑与室内设计由Cepezed和Cepezedinterior完成。

On Wednesday September 27, the new Westland town hall and municipality office were opened in Naaldwijk. The opening included an official ribbon cutting ceremony by mayor Sjaak van der Tak, alderman Bram Meijer, Volker Wessels CEO Dik Wessels and Volker Wessels director Piet van der Hoeven. The town hall functions as a center for the council as well as for public services and ceremonial gatherings. It is situated at the Verdilaan. The architecture and interior were designed by cepezed and cepezedinterior.

▼市政府大楼,external view of town hall 

▼ 市政厅大楼,external view of municipality office


The buildings were conceived with a focus on a variety of theme’s, such as representativeness, spatial quality, functionality, flexibility, comfort and sustainability. On both locations, the architecture is based on the metaphor of a green house. After all, the green house is an omnipresent element in the urban, cultural and economic aspects of the Westland municipality. Within the context of the green house metaphor, the façade is the covering of everything that lives and grows inside. The new town hall is a place with optimal transparency. This adds to the building’s experience as well as to the staff’s and visitor’s well-being, but it also underlines the democratic character of the town hall; there is a strong visual connection between the inside and outside, between the government and the civilians.

▼两座政府建筑并不相邻,他们在维斯特兰的位置如图所示。1 市政府 , 2 市政厅,the two government buildings are not adjacent, they locate in two different place in Westland.1. town hall, 2 municipality office



Town hall


The centre for the council and public services at the Verdilaan has the character of a ‘house of the community’. It is an open and accessible building with a representative appearance that offers space for the council, the public services and the Westland society. It is the location where the Mayor and Aldermen fulfil their duties, where democracy is visibly in action and where ceremonial happenings take place. It is also a location that offers room for initiatives, gatherings and events.Fitting in with the urban scheme, the building basically consists of a long rectangular volume. At its backside, a generic bay of three storeys contains the public consulting rooms, the restaurant kitchen, offices and the historic archive with accompanying reading room.

▼ 玻璃外墙的设计使得建筑内部的工作变得公开透明,the glass facade makes the building transparent for the public


In front of this generic bay lies a large, transparent and inviting atrium. One side of its ground floor level holds the public entrance area; the representative reception area and restaurant are situated on the opposite side. In the middle of the atrium, the council functions are housed in a spacious ‘furniture-like’ construction. This has had rounded ends, extra high ceilings and a skin of glass and wooden slats. The lower level contains the shared functions of the the administrative apparatus like the committee rooms and the conference center. The upper level comprises among others the council hall, the room for the Mayor and Aldermen and the party chambers.

▼ 市政府入口,town hall entrance

▼宽敞而明亮的中庭空间,the open and bright atrium

▼透明的会议室同样使用木材对空间进行划分,the transparent meeting room just as same as the atrium using wooden material to divide space

▼宽敞的二层会议室,the meeting space on the first floor


The transparent atrium façade offers passers-by a direct view on the administrative functions, while the wooden slats nevertheless make for a sense of demarcation as well as lend the administrative furniture-piece a special appearance and dignity. The high degree of insight and transparency is inviting and the light and warm appearance accommodates an agreeable working environment. The layout of the different services is logical, natural and clear. The boardroom is sizable and many rooms are multifunctional. Movable wall panels grant maximum flexibility and adaptability. When the flexible walls are fully opened, a large open space for press conferences, parties, weddings, exhibitions and large gatherings comes into being.

▼中庭旁的办公区,the office area next to the atrium

▼夜景,night view

▼市政府建筑平面图,town hall floor plans

▼市政府建筑剖面图,town hall sections

▼结构细部,structure detail



Municipal office


The exterior of the municipal office at the Laan van de Glazen Stad has a matter-of-fact appearance; the interior is spacious, inviting and representative. The building consists of two generic office bays with a high, luminous and green atrium in between them. Among others things, the atrium comprises the reception and restaurant. It has a strong visual relation with the entrance square.

▼ 市政厅外观,external view of municipality office


The large open space of the atrium holds several ‘islands’ that seem to float freely in space. They are connected to the office floors by means of walkways. The islands are fitted with seats and coffee pantries; it is here where employees discuss the weekend. Thus, the islands not only significantly contribute to spatial diversity, but also play a key role in stimulating meetings, interaction and social cohesion. Also, they are part of the traffic routes between the two office bays, which can be arranged freely.

▼明亮而开阔的中庭空间同市政府大楼的设计相似,the bright and open atrium space is similar to the town hall

▼中庭及“小岛”空间,the float island in the atrium


The municipal office offers a contemporary working environment with different types of workplaces and many options for meeting and sharing knowledge. The ground floor houses general functions like the project, meeting and instruction rooms, as well as the dispatch and technical areas. The upper floors are arranged with different types of workplaces in open, semi-open and more confined areas in a gradual scale ranging from bustle through murmur and peace & quiet. The quieter, more private areas are situated along the façades; the areas for meeting and cooperation are positioned along the lively atrium. The informal living rooms with both high and low tables and chairs connect directly to the meeting islands. At the building’s end, the upper floor holds a special brainstorm lounge connected to an outdoor balcony. 

▼办公区域,office area

▼休闲客厅,the informal living rooms


The municipal office has an overall appearance that is both professional and attractive. As in the public and administrative center, the colors used for the interior elements stem from the colors in the Westland logo. As an identity-enhancing element, wall-wide photo prints with typical scenes from the Westland life are used in a variety of spaces.

▼夜景,night view

市政厅和市政府的内部设计使各类后勤工作可以在互不干扰的前提下自然有序地进行,建筑内设有高度灵活的空间供使用者使用,如几乎无柱的大厅空间可以根据不同活动的需求进行安排。设备的安装也同样灵活,例如选用可以调节室温的天花板,可以使室内保持在一个较为舒适的温度。这两栋建筑均为环保建筑,通过现代技术和设备对耗能进行控制,如三层玻璃,LED灯,智能的灯光和通风装置等。此外,建筑所需能源主要来自可以局部发热PV板,每年可以产生115.000 kWh的能量。相变材料作为热能存储装置。

The town hall and municipality office were designed such that all logistic movements proceed naturally and intuitively without mutual hindrance. Both buildings have a high degree of flexibility, among other things because of the large, almost column-free floor fields that are easily rearrangeable according to any way of use or interior concept. The installation techniques are fully aligned to this spatial flexibility; for instance by means of the application of climate ceilings, the buildings remain climatologically comfortable throughout, regardless of the type of use or interior arrangement.The buildings are CO2-neutral. The use of energy is strongly reduced by means of a variety of modern-day techniques and materials such as triple glazing, LED-lighting and the control of lighting and ventilation based on (the degree) of human presence. The energy nonetheless needed is largely derived sustainably through over 1.120 m2 of partly thermal pv-panels with a joint revenue of 115.000 kWh per year. Phase Change Materials function as a thermal buffer storage.

▼市政厅建筑平面图,municipality office floor plans

▼市政厅建筑剖面图,municipality office sections

▼结构细部,structure detail

Project:Westland town hall and municipality office
Project address :Verdilaan 7, Naaldwijk (NL),  Laan van de Glazen Stad 1, Naaldwijk (NL)
Primary client:Gemeente Westland
Architect:architectenbureau cepezed, Delft
(project team: Jan Pesman, Ronald Schleurholts, Joost Heijnis, Frederique van Alphen, , Robbert van de Straat, Frank Maas, Mattijs van Lopik, San Dino Acilla)
Interior architect:cepezedinterieur, Delft (project team: Susan Vlemminx, Leo Krommenhoek)
Consultant stability:Van Rossum raadgevende ingenieurs, Rotterdam
Landscape architect:Buro Lubbers landschapsarchitectuur & stedenbouw, Vught
Building contractor:Boele & van Eesteren bv, Rijswijk
Contractor mep:Homij Technische Installaties, Rijswijk
Steel construction:Voortman, Rijssen
Façades:Vorsselmans, Loenhout (B)
Operational services:PCH Dienstengroep, Apeldoorn
GFA:Verdilaan – 5.400m², Laan van de Glazen Stad – 5.600m²
Photography: cepezed | Lucas van der Wee,Gert-Jan Vlekke (wall print greenhouse)

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