Welcome and Illusion by ​ArchiWorkshop

A ‘funeral held for a house’

Project Specs


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“迎接与幻觉”(Welcome and Illusion)是ArchiWorkshop于2016年在首尔完成的艺术项目,记录了一间设计工作室变为废弃村落的过程。

‘Welcome and Illusion’ is an art project by ArchiWorkshop recording the shift of a design studio to a demolition village.

▼艺术项目所在的建筑外观,exterior view of the building where the art project locates


▼房间入口,entrance of the room

被选中的房屋坐落在首尔市武玄路Bukahyeon街区11号,已在2016年7月初被拆毁。该项目试图在其完全消失之前,将这座房子的寿命延长20天的时间。项目团队由建筑师、装置艺术家和音乐家组成:ArchiWorkshop事务所的建筑师Hee-Jun Sim和Su-Jeong Park为房间覆盖了一层新的饰面;装置艺术家Changhoon Lee借助各种媒体对房屋与街区的关系进行了视觉化的呈现;声音艺术家June Kim则记录了场地周围的各种声音。

▼建筑干预过程,intervention  process

The selected house for this project is located at 12-27 Ba-gil, 11, Bukahyeon-ro, Seoul, Korea, and will have vanished in early July 2016. Before its complete vanishing, its life will be extended for 20 days by architects, installation artists and musicians. Hee-Jun Sim and Su-Jeong Park from ArchiWorkshop decorated the house just like shrouding, while Changhoon Lee visualized the connection between the house and the community in various media, and June Kim gathered the various surrounding sounds.

▼干预后空间全貌,full view of the internal space after intervention

▼房间被覆盖上了新的饰面,the house was decorated like shrouding

在展览的第一天,小提琴家Hye-Sun Sim和大提琴加家Hye-Won Sim共同演奏了马蒂努(Martinu)于1927年在巴黎创作的音乐作品。“迎接与幻觉”可以被看作是一场“为房子举行的葬礼”,它融合了建筑、装置艺术和音乐艺术,犹如一种令人愉悦和振奋的宗教仪式。项目中使用的膜材料在展出结束后被制成环保袋再次分发给人们使用。

On the first day of the exhibition, violinist Hye-Sun Sim and cellist Hye-Won Sim played a musical piece written by Martinu in Paris, 1927.  This was a ‘funeral for a house’ collaborated by architecture, installation art, and music. This was an enjoyable ‘gut-pan’ (shaman practice) where we may read the present from the past and experiment the future. The membrane material used for the internal space work was re-created into eco bags and distributed to people.

▼膜材料在展览结束后被制成环保袋,the membrane material used for the internal space work was re-created into eco bags

​ArchiWorkshop Project_016
Welcome and Illusion
Art project, Completed in 2016
​Collaboration Art Project sponsored by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture in 2016
Project Description
Site location: Seoul, Korea
Design office: ArchiWorkshop
Head designers: Hee-Jun Sim, Su-Jeong Park
Artist Collaboration: Chang-Hoon Lee (Installation Artist)Joon Kim (Sound Artist) 
Web address : www.archiworkshop.kr
Email address: office@archiworkshop.kr
Photographer: Nam-Sun Lee
Video work: Joon Kim


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