Weekend House in Kyoto by kooo architects

Feel the memories of the past by increasing the presence of the existing components.

Project Specs


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This is a renovation project of a long-house style machiya in Kyoto.

▼项目沿街外观,view to the project from the street ©堀越圭晋


In terms of façade design, we chose to respect the historical style of the Kyoto streets and made minimum changes to the appearance. We invited traditional craftsmen to only touch-up the earth wall and re-sealed the decaying wooden window frame.

▼项目立面,保留原建筑的历史感,remain the historic characteristics of the original project on the facade ©堀越圭晋


A machiya is a type of traditional Japanese house where the two side walls do not have windows because they are shared by the neighbors, and the interior tends to be dark especially due to its long and narrow shape. A skylight was added according to the owner’s lifestyle, bringing new ways of illuminating and ventilating the space. We also removed the rotten and non-functioning building materials and upgraded sound and heat insulation quality.

▼起居室,天窗光线进入的同时,显露了原有梁柱的材质特征,创造出具有深度的光影效果,living room, sunlight enlighten the space from the skylight, underlining the wooden structure and creating impressive light shadow effects ©堀越圭晋

▼全落地窗的设计保障了建筑的采光与通风,French window ensures lighting and ventilation of the space ©堀越圭晋

▼阳光、微风、绿意被容纳进生活空间,the space is filled with sunlight, gentle breeze and green nature ©堀越圭晋

▼一楼洗手间,与庭院通过落地窗分隔,washing room on the first floor, defined by French window from the courtyard ©堀越圭晋

▼庭院,在阳光和灯光的映射下,墙壁呈现出不同的肌理效果,light and shadow effects created by sunlight and illumination in the courtyard ©堀越圭晋


Selected beam, columns, and the backyard were preserved and repaired. In contrast with the modern interior design, the beauty of these historical elements stands out more.

▼厨房与餐厅,原有梁柱被保留并修复,构建出一个富有节奏感、整体而连续的空间框,kitchen and dining space, the original wooden structure is remained to create a rhythmic and  continuous frame of the space ©堀越圭晋

▼楼梯,staircase ©堀越圭晋

▼二层卧室,bedroom on the second floor ©堀越圭晋


We believe being respective to the historical values should not be blindly enduring a lifestyle that is no longer appropriate nowadays, but at the same time, we also should not abandon all traces that once existed. We hope that one can feel the memories of the past by increasing the presence of the existing components.

▼庭院夜景,night view of the courtyard ©堀越圭晋

▼一层平面图,first floor plan ©kooo architects

▼二层平面图,second floor plan ©kooo architects

▼剖面图,section ©kooo architects

项目名称:Weekend House in Kyoto
项目设计&完成年份:2018年2月-2018年11月 & 2018年11月-2019年4月
摄影版权:堀越圭晋 / SS
施工单位:Az planning

Project Name: Weekend House in Kyoto
Design: kooo architects
Website: www.ko-oo.jp
Contact e-mail: contact@ko-oo.jp
Design & Completion Year: 2018.02—2018.11 & 2018.11—2019.04
Leader Designer & Team: Kojima Shinya, Kojima Ayaka ,
Keitaro Yasukawa
Project Location: Kyoto, Japan
Gross Built Area: 55.1SQM
Photo Credits: Keishin Horikoshi /SS
Construction company: Az plannning
Clients: Private project

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