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在MAD工作的实习生们,他们脑子里天马星空的想法是什么样的?刘雨泽 LIU Yuze:我的梦想是自己能够有足够的时间,能够在世界各地生活一段时间,


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MAD no doubt is one of the most recognized architectural practices in China and worldwide. Every year,MAD receives countless job and internship applications. To be able to work at MAD will definitely enrichyour career as even though the people working here might have been lucky, but are undeniablyoutstanding. What could possibly be on the minds of the MAD interns?


Name:  LIU Yuze
Educational Institution:Southwest Jiaotong University
Year: Grade Five
Nationality:  China
Email:  coastrain@hotmail.com

Who is your favourite architect? Why?
One of my favorite architects is Antoni Gaudí. I was impressed by the visual effects of his works even before my study of architecture. His works are beyond what human beings could create – they are so lively as to swamp my senses. After I started studying architecture, I like his architecture more and more. His ideas,designs and construction techniques are so unique that he created Barcelona.

What is the major characteristic of your current school’s education?
My college offers a relatively traditional education which may have some systematic or methodological limits. However, many professors are trying to break the traditions and get more exploring opportunities for the students. I was lucky that I met a few good profs and seniors who were willing to share their experience.

What have you gained during the MAD internship?
Interning at MAD was exciting – not only because of Ma Yansong, but also because of the friends and co-workers I met there. MAD pays much attention to its diversity. Hence, everyone there was different: from different places, with different cultural background, having different understandings of architecture. Interaction with everyone would open a new world of architecture and life for me. It is a magical place where so many people with different backgrounds gather and do the same thing. Interning here and living in Beijing, I realized how important life experience is to the understanding of architecture and learned by heart that architecture is part of human science.
What are your thoughts and feelings upon Chinese Architecture and the environment?
Any suggestion?
China is developing so fast that all industries here are like overloaded machines – they refused to slow down even if they could not stand any more. Architecture is closely related to many industries. The fickleness of the architectural industry is not only its own problem, but also related to other industries. Moreover, it’s possible that fickleness is a necessity during the process. I do not have a view on the whole industry. I wish I could stay calm, focus on the details, and do something good.

What is your dream?
My dream is that I could have enough time to stay for a while in different places around the world. I hope that I could know people from different cultures who speak different languages. Hence, I would learn about cultures I don’t know – not only to observe the cultures, but also to get myself involved.

What would you do if you were not an architect?
Maybe I would be a cook. Cooking a meal is a pure creative process and is very interesting.
What is your dream project?
My ideal project would be a landmark of a city. When you see it, you could see the city’s past, present and future.

What is your favourite project in your portfolio? Why?
There is no one of my favorite works, my work is still very immature, though some of the idea is good, but I feel that the complete degree is not high, there are a lot of room for deepening. But if the idea, I think it should be when I was a junior in Dujiangyan folk museum, hope their next work will make themselves more satisfied.


姓名: 刘雨泽
学校: 西南交通大学
年级: 五年级
国籍: 中国
电邮: coastrain@hotmail.com












Triditional Culture Center

Dujiangyan folk experience pavilion, the starting point is the casting experience of Dujiangyan city west street residents daily life space, courtyard and create a rich space form of roadway, and the variety of light and shadow. I notice the simple relationship of light and space, showing the ancient town residents to the original state of life. The construction is from the west street garden features, using the method of abstract west street, to shape a from west street law UK folk museum, adopted three-step narratives. through the actual situation of the thrust, I enrich layers of space, the transport package number in the streamline circulation, makes the space smoothly.











Ecological Tribe

The entire planning shows the rural and urban planning land in sharp opposition. we plan to overthrow the existing planning. That is due to not agree with the definition of urban and rural border. Urban and rural ought not to be opposite, the opposite situation can lead to urban to rural expanding without constraints. The clear boundary severely reduces the positive impact of rural to city, and the penetration mechanism of boundary can make living in rural and urban residents enjoy a better living environment.When the cities is into rural, in order to put the two heterogeneous better fusion, we chose to use to solve the heterogeneous co-existence ecological point of view, we start from the three aspects of water, light, air to form a complete ecological system.











Chengdu chunxi road urban design

Follow the rules of CBD development, build a new form in the heart of the city.Shaft is nucleus to objective laws of development of the city – the city material form and function of form development adhere to the combination of axial development and core. Activities in the urban system, urban form strong linear connection, the linear space form is called AXIS (AXIS); Urban functions in a particular block form together, in the spirit and the image formed on the symbol when the block is the nucleus (CORE).According to the architectural functional partition, traffic to establish contactHuman activity, according to different crowd behavior patterns, combined with block space function form and spatial mode, integrated traffic system, add a new network system, will be linked to various space node in the plot.Combination of point, line and plane, three-dimensional layout, improve the public space of mutual penetration in the contact. Building local inner concave digging cutting formation on the surface of gray space, gives its use function, building space reduction of urban space, increase the urban open space.




















Name:  LIU Yuze
Email:  coastrain@hotmail.com


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