WAVEON Cafe by Heesoo Kwak

Enjoying incomparable scenery on the wide corridor and intimate Pyeongsang.

Project Specs


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Gijang(機張) Waveon


Gijang(機張) near to Busan(釜山), port city, the second largest city in Korea, is famous for beautiful scenery of seashore rendered by inspiringly eroded rock, wave of clean seawater and groups of pine trees at a height of about 30 feet. WAVEON, the unique cafe in the beach, is located in a hill overlooking the shore in Gijang(機張). Our client wanted to get a 500m2-sized building just for cafe where we can look down the sandy and rocky shore wherever we are. In fact, depending on where and how we see the beach, the sea shows diverse views for us. Accordingly, the significant matter of this project is how we can grasp and deal with the relationship between natural scene and architecture.

▼ 建筑外观,位于海边的山丘上,external view of the building, which is located in a hill overlooking the seashore

1-external1_waveon_Heesoo Kwak


Place stacking


The condition of architecture oriented to outside view from inner space is placed on maximization of length of openings facing with sea and beach. Within given Floor area ratio, void space in center can be decent solution to make more seats viewing scenery.

▼ 建筑外观,不同高度的长条空间堆叠在一起,external view of the building, long spaces in different height stacking together

1-external2_waveon_Heesoo Kwak

▼ 建筑立面上的长开窗,座椅沿边缘布置,提供更多景观,long openings on the facade, seating space along the facade, providing more view

2-long opening1_waveon_Heesoo Kwak

2-long opening2_waveon_Heesoo Kwak


This was embodied by stacking long and sequential spaces that had various heights and were connected each other via a bridge. Wide and long corridor bearing seating space with ocean view deliver internally void in the center and, at the same time, embraces more and diverse scenes from outside.

▼ 建筑入口,entrance

3-entrance_waveon_Heesoo Kwak

▼中部为楼梯,坐席围绕中空空间设置,以欣赏室外景观,stairs in the central void surrounded by seating space, being able to view the outside scenery

4-stair2_waveon_Heesoo Kwak

4-stair1_waveon_Heesoo Kwak

5-sitting area_waveon_Heesoo Kwak

▼ 室外露台,享受不同角度的景观,混凝土墙面上的孔洞使空间更加有趣,outdoor terrace with views from different orientation, holes on the concrete walls make the space more interesting

6-terrace1_waveon_Heesoo Kwak

6-terrace2_waveon_Heesoo Kwak


Seating place


Furthermore, outer space of this building consists of ‘Pyeongsang(平床)’ that is an outdoor furniture traditionally used for small group activities like talking and sipping a cup of tea in community. Instead of setting a wide terrace in the beach, a series of Pyeongsang(平床) under pine trees plays a meaningful role as semi-individualized spaces where we can have an opportunity to enjoy meditative time with a cup of coffee surrounded by natural scenes.

▼ 松树下的平床,创造可以看到丰富的海岸景观的半私人空间,Pyeongsang under the pine trees, creating semi-individual spaces with diverse views of the seashore

7-pyeongsang1_waveon_Heesoo Kwak

7-pyeongsang3_waveon_Heesoo Kwak


Obliquely punched concrete wall offers a pleasure to peep sea shore beyond tall pine trees. In rooftop area, we can notice a certain line where sea and sky become the one. In this building where nature and artificial setting meet together via more meditative but playful ways at the same time, we can experience a new type of retreat beyond cafe.

▼ 高度超过松树的屋顶平台,海景一览无余,roof terrace higher than pine trees, providing full view of the sea

8-roof1_waveon_Heesoo Kwak


▼ 总平面图,site plan

10-01 siteplan_waveon_Heesoo Kwak

▼ 一层平面图,first floor plan

10-02 1f plan_waveon_Heesoo Kwak

▼ 二层平面图,second floor plan

10-03 2f plan_waveon_Heesoo Kwak

▼ 三层平面图,third floor plan

10-04 3f plan_waveon_Heesoo Kwak

▼ 屋顶平面图,roof plan

10-05 roof plan_waveon_Heesoo Kwak

▼ 立面图,elevations

10-07 westelevation_waveon_Heesoo Kwak

10-09 northelevation_waveon_Heesoo Kwak

▼ 剖面图,sections

10-10 section1_waveon_Heesoo Kwak

10-11 section2_waveon_Heesoo Kwak

Architect: Heesoo Kwak
Location: 533(522-2), Wolnae-ri, Jangan-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan, Korea
Programme: Coastal Cafe
Site area: 1,381.53m²
Building area: 253.19m²
Gross floor area: 497.33m²
Building scope: 3F
Height: 11.22m
Building to land ratio: 18.33%
Floor area ratio: 36.00%
Structure: RC Exterior
Finishing: exposed concrete
Completion: Dec. 2016
Project Credit: Heesoo Kwak
Photo credit: Kim Jaeyoon

Drawings: Heesoo Kwak
English text: Heesoo Kwak
Chinese text: gooood

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