WATER TREATMENT PLANT by Oppenheim Architecture

industrial buildings in highly sensitive environments

Project Specs


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▼建筑外览,exterior view

In 2011, Muttenz municipality approached Oppenheim Architecture
to realize a vision for an interactive community experience in a highly sensitive setting. As a result, technology, education and preservation became integral components of the design of Muttenz’s new municipal water purification plant. The unique and important function of the drinking water treatment plant is to create an expressive building – a new landmark for the town of Muttenz and the Basel area. The plant organically ties in to the natural setting, and the architecture and its natural materials are designed to harmoniously mature together with the site. This allows for a timeless icon, requiring minimal maintenance to its ever-changing facade.

▼远眺丛林中的工厂,looking at the factory in the jungle

▼模拟自然形态的建筑立面,a building facade mimicing a natural facade


The plant is a model of sustainability, extremely sensitive to its contrasting setting near the Rhine riverfront. Settled between the protected forest and the nearby industrial parks, the project exhibits
an educational factor to express the complex purification process in such a stressed environment. The role of the architecture is to link and express the unique and state-of-the-art technology, placed in a natural ecosystem and emphasizing the importance of the puri cation process. Functionally, the project not only achieves the goal of purifying water at the highest industry standard, it also draws in the community with its subtle iconic presence and its interior educational community gallery spaces.

▼可供人观看的净水过程展示,water purification process for people to watch

▼高标准的净水设施,high standard water purification facility

▼内部通道照明效果,internal channel lighting effect

▼建筑内部水面踏步,interior water step

▼建筑内部自然采光效果,natural lighting effect inside the building

▼净水构造细节,water purification structure details

▼建筑夜间效果,the building at night

▼大雪覆盖下的建筑,the building covered snow


▼场地图,site map

▼一层平面,ground floor



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