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The project involved restoring and converting the base of Marseille’s ‘La Major’ Cathedral.

Project Specs


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建筑事务所Pietri Architectes在2010年赢得了马赛港北侧一栋历史悠久的沿街一层老楼设计改造权。这栋老楼,其实可以看成当地最牛大教堂—“大香格里拉”教堂的基础部分。是的,教堂就建在这一层老楼之上。

The Voûtes de la Major site – a development project

At the heart of the Euroméditerranée urban renewal project in Marseille, the Voûtes de la Major project faces two magnificent museums – the MUCEM and the CEREM – completed in 2013 and a high point of this extensive transformation.

Winner of the competition in 2010, in collaboration with Conservation Architect José Pasqua, the project involved restoring and converting the base of Marseille’s ‘La Major’ Cathedral.




This building has had a rather tumultuous history.

With a central position in the city centre, having been designed as an entrance monument to Marseilles and to transform the city on the north side, it never fully found its place. That is until it became a crossroads and its base – the vaults – became the load-bearing structures of the motorway viaduct, enabling the disembarkation of people and unloading of goods during the golden era of the Port of Marseille. Thanks to the Euroméditerranée development project, it has regained its status. The area beneath its foundation, renamed les Voûtes de la Major (the Vaults of La Major) by architects, used to be warehouses, boat yards, etc.



The project – Restoration of cultural + shopping facilities

The aim of this project, aside from the perfect renovation carried out by José Pasqua, whereby damaged stones were replaced, the original fountain was recovered and interior spaces were showcased, was to transform these vaults into shops spanning an area of 7000 m².

Since the competition, PietriArchitectes has proposed more than one façade design; they developed an architectural scheme capable of accommodating all kinds of businesses, but above all of enabling this large facing of approximately 400 m to fully retain its unity and purity. The very design of the vaults was driven by their ability to accommodate various businesses by allowing for the installation of any type of layout:
restaurants, shops, workshops, etc. but also by their climatic location: a west-facing façade without shade from the sun in a windy corridor of Marseille. Though the composition of the façade is heavily based on the masonry of the vaults and historical research, it nevertheless remains a contemporary composition, albeit one which was designed to be understated and timeless, yet leaving space to express the power of the sequence of vaults and not adding further architectural elements to its exceptional neighbour opposite – the MUCEM.
















Target renovation into shopping facilities
Address Boulevard du Littoral 13002
Competition winner October 2010
Work started November 2012
Work completed June 2014
Cost of works /
Owner Euroméditerranée/City of Marseilles
Main contractors PietriArchitectes/José
Pasqua Architect
Contracting authority’s representative LC2I
Health and Safety Protection Coordination
Technical control APAVE
Geotechnology FONDASOL
Structural design office ARCADIS
Fluids research office Garcia Ingénierie
Pollution research office ANTEA
Asbestos removal ARVI Travaux
Consortium of general contractors DUMEZ
Operational structure design office S.I.D.F.
Lighting designer Starlights
Locksmith Alquier
External joinery Alquier
Glass Saint Gobain
Outdoor lighting Thorn
Awnings Bandalux
Prize Le Geste d’Or 2014


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