Vive le vent d’hiver By les malcommodes

Enjoy the great well-being during the cold season.

Project Specs


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魁北克的冬天阴郁而冰冷,白天较短,人们大多留在家中,与外界少有接触。 Vive le vent d’hiver是一个测试性的装置,设计师希望可以借此试探出北方寒冷气候下一个公共空间的开发潜力。设计师试图将寒冷季节中的不适与舒适分离开来。

Quebec’s winter is known to be particularly dark and cold. While its days seem always shorter, the hours spent inside accumulate and the interaction between humans is dissipated. Vive le vent d’hiver aimed to test the potential for occupying a public space in winter conditions to nourish the reflections that will allow better design of the northern spaces. Upstream, we sought to isolate the factors associated with discomfort and well-being during the cold season.

▼装置外貌,view of the installation



Meteorological factors are the decisive causes of discouragement in the occupation of public space. Low temperatures, intensive air currents and high humidity make outdoor activities more difficult and less attractive. The negative effects of these various factors greatly affect the physical and social capacities of citizens; Active mobility is considerably reduced, public space is congested by snow accumulation, risk of falls and injuries are higher, individual freedoms are restricted – limited movements, additional clothing, loss of sociability – and the speed associated with travel increases considerably; The automobile is preferred to walking. Obviously, the aforementioned discomforts are compensated by sources of seasonal comforts: a superposition of comforting layers, the proximity of the bodies, any source of heat, copious meals, luminous zones, absence of wind, familiar odors and comforting colors. In short, any form of warmth – sensitive or perceptible – provides great well-being during the cold season.


▼总平面图,master plan


Consider the form of public space as a mass from which it is possible to erode.


Shape the volume so that the prevailing winds are diverted to limit areas of discomfort.


Encourage a dynamic space, corresponding to the transient practices that result from the winter condition.


Take advantage of the meeting of movements to create a moment of stoppage, contained in a microclimate.


Use simple materials and construction techniques to allow optimal assembly.


Provide heat sources above the collecting point.


Cover the parochial of pine trees branches to stimulate the collective imagination by evoking specific warming characteristics of Quebec’s winter.


Take advantage of precipitation and wind direction to enhance a desired snow accumulation that serves as both insulation and playground.

TITLE: Vive le vent d’hiver
TYPE OF PROJECT: Architectural installation
LOCATION: Quebec city, Québec, Canada
DESIGNER: les malcommodes
TEAM: Marie-Jeanne Allaire-Côté Baptiste Balbrick, Delphie Laforest,Audrey Morency, Simon Parent
CONTRACTOR: les malcommodes

English text: Vive le vent d’hiver
Chinese text: gooood editor Lu Lu

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